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  1. Looks like another never has been hiring - our front office got old without any winning pedigree real quick, cant say this feels like a positive trend
  2. There is no options out there that are better than running Allen / Heinikie and seeing if you can sneak up for Zach Wilson in the draft. Lets review: --Derek Carr for 2 firsts: So a JAG that cripples the team in the draft for years, not sure if serious. Absolutely not. Would do a 3rd on him at best. --Darnold: Come on, is the idea to get better or worse? --Watson for your entire draft for the next 3 seasons: Price is too high and the idea that he is upset he didnt get to hand pick the GM screams entitlement and attitude issues. PASS. All three of the abo
  3. NOOOOOO to Watson - price is too high and he is clearly a mental issue pulling a Lebron James trying to run the franchise. No room for that MeShawn Watson behavior in the new WFT culture
  4. No friggin brainer you get this guy in your bldg for the next 2 years - at worse you have a competent backup with a skillset that can keep the opposing team off balance, at best yeah maybe you have a starter here
  5. I cant imagine a world where he is a 16 game a year QB with everything that happened, but damn if I dont want the fairy tale ending to the movie Yeah prob what will happen - I just find him to be such an inspiration and really a high character winner that I want guys like that around the building. But your scenario is much more likely
  6. How anyone can be remotely critical of Alex right now is beyond me. The man is literally the greatest comeback story in the history of sports - and pre AND post injury is the ONLY QB we have on the roster that has continually won with this organization. The win rate statistics are undeniable and jarring. Unlike some of the pure trash potatoes we have had in this org and at that position, he is pure class. Anyone who would question his drive and desire is quite frankly out of their mind. Now at some point will it be time for him to hang it up if that leg just wont cooperate long
  7. Agree in a disingenuous organization this hire was one of the most disingenuous moves I've seen - and its played out about as well as to be expected
  8. I dunno if thats how this works - good teams dont just piss away 1st rounders (or 2nd rounders depending on how you want to do the calculus)
  9. Even more jarring was the Oline faces during this exchange, I think he was close to getting KO'ed. It was so clear in that moment they knew he was a blowhard chump and had zero repect for his blathering
  10. The end of an era - as I said the moment he was drafted, fat, slow, lazy,I smell a BUST - dont think anyone could have summed it up better. A potato brained sloth drafted by a vile and disgusting owner and a lame duck coach - what could possibly go wrong. I really dont know what any of y'all saw in him, he was an ass from the moment he was drafted and never really showed anything on the field. That "live" arm you speak of - literally a club flag football QB can throw it hard - or as baby simba likes to say "spin it" - its hitting what your aiming at that matters. His attitude an
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