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  1. Right on! Honestly, minus a couple nice bombs I have not seen him make a single throw a decent club level flag football QB could not make, theres just nothing there.
  2. hahahhaha!! he is so next level bad - its actually comical listening to people talk about "improvement" etc when its so obvious he is a running joke. The book is written, everyone just needs to read it
  3. really unfortunate, seems like a really likable guy and hes very effective on the field when hes there - his stiff arm reminded me of ol #44
  4. called this as it was happening - he was hamming it up to compensate for his piss poor play when he realized he didnt have what it took to play with a real NFL defense. it was painfully obvious in the way his "limp" went from overexagerated to non-existant from second to second. he was basically quitting and praying for a hook from the coach. pathetic pumba.
  5. ggarriso

    Game Day Thread - Redskins at Packers

    pumba is really hamming it up now! he is begging to be removed from the game!! take him out!
  6. Seen enough yet? Pumba is 5/11 for 66 yards and 1 INT and infinity sacks - on top of a historically bad career stat line to date. Its possible the offense has negative passing yards taking into account sack yards and he is so easy to sack. He does not have it - he is about to quit on this game with the overdramatic "ankle" issues - might remove himself before embarrassing himself for the 2nd half.
  7. Just when you think "simba" cant get any more cringeworthy he finds a way!! Hilarious watching everyone trip over themselves to protect his fragile ego when his stats are next level terrible.
  8. and sometimes the stats cited are just plain wrong, as is the case here as compared against =(
  9. he is very very very VERY bad as an NFL quarterback; I pray "Dan" our Football Commish sees the light
  10. real stat line 10/17 for 87 hardly a game performance
  11. Another terrible half from "Simba" - something like 7/13 and 47 yards. I don't know where you Haskins apologists are seeing progress here, its comical - you might as well call the WR core the flying haskinites because they literally need to be acrobats to catch his wildly inaccurate balls. I'd love to see the YAC for all Haskins throws over 3 yards this season, it literally might be zero. Its so bad its literally like a parody of itself, also what was he doing when he fumbled then didn't really want to go after the ball then sort of wanted to make it look like he sort of did ?? That was awkward, but indicative of his personality/work ethic. wow... we are doomed.
  12. Links posted above, but to cliffnote it for you, yes, extremely to the point of it being awkward for the entire room
  13. There is literally no redeemable qualities about this guy - the numbers dont lie, his attitude is self aggrandizing and terrible and hes lazy - but we're close!
  14. ggarriso

    Say it ain't so Montae...

    If the TMZ reports are true this is next level bad.. When Caps #92 was photographed with coke and claimed to not be involved it did not pass the sniff test and any statement that Nicholson was "unaware" of the goings on wont either. The fact that the org. let him take the field sort of makes me sick. If the fatality was "self inflicted" in anyway or not, this situation is super sad and I really hope that he could not "have done more" to try to save a life.