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  1. He has been near the bottom of almost every measurable statistic since he became a starter. Its the opposite honestly, you need to do weird mental gymnastics to convince yourself that he is not the worst QB in the league, and by a very very very wide margin.
  2. I think next week is a trap game for the Ravens who are playing a big one tonight - we might keep it closer than some expect - especially with the conservative gameplan (I do not think the gloves come off next week to answer your question). I think the best outcome is for the org to accept that we do not have a good NFL QB on the roster, so lets throw in whoever gives us the best chance to win today and look to the future
  3. This is exactly it - everyone outside of about 5 delusional fans in DC know "Simba" is a massive joke, but Rivera is saddled with it because he was a "Danny" pick. Throwing in the towel before the half and before the end of games because you know "Simba" will throw a pick when he tries to go downfield will ultimately rub the team the wrong way - the other guys who have their paychecks on the line here. Snyder has found creative ways to run this org into the ground for multiple decades and anyone who thinks the old Riverboat Ron would change things is delusional.
  4. Hes a frontrunning chump who will deflect blame every chance he gets. Remember last year it was his mystery "wrist" injury - its honestly pathetic. Hes certainly not going to lead any NFL teams to success in his lifetime; he just does not have the physical or mental tools to do so. Should take one or two more games of failure before he removes himself with a "ankle" injury and is "carted" off the field.
  5. This dude is utter garbage, of course he is on social media yapping after almost single handedly losing the game. He is the worst QB in the league by most measurable statistics - get him off the field asap, take out the TRASH-kINS. One legged Alex or Kyle literally cannot be worse.
  6. TRASHKINS strikes again! now he will act all mopey on the sideline .. loser
  7. he cant throw downfield at all, get this fat sack off the field
  8. Apke is next level bad, gotta come up with an alternative
  9. It was really sad to watch you guys doing mental gymnastics trying to talk yourselves into "Simba" potentially being a quality QB - there is nothing there. His historically poor attitude and laughable "leadership" skills are just icing; most of that is intangible and not "learned" attributes. Every single outlet had him rated as one of the worst two QBs in the league going into the year. Be honest with yourself, can you see this guy leading the team down the field for a game winning drive in a 2 minute offense against a quality opponent. Nah; lets see if Allen has anything and start to lo
  10. apke is a joke get him off the field
  11. trashkins throwing a 2 yard pass into the dirt, he sucks so bad
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