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The Telegraph: Pro-gun lawyer shot with own weapon by MRI scanner dies

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Leandro Mathias de Novaes  A pro-gun lawyer was shot by his own weapon while visiting a hospital when a powerful magnetic field from an MRI scanner set the pistol off. 


Leandro Mathias de Novaes was taking his mother for a scan at the Laboratorio Cura in Sao Paulo in January and entered the facility with a concealed handgun. 


Despite warnings from staff to remove jewellery and metal objects in the MRI room, Mr Mathias kept his weapon on his waistband. 


The magnetic field from the machine was so strong that the weapon was pulled from his waist and fired off a round, which hit him in his stomach. 


The 40-year-old Brazilian was treated in hospital for more than two weeks before he died from his wounds.


This incident is not the first freak accident involving an MRI scanner. 


In 2018 a 32-year-old man from India died at a hospital after being pulled into an MRI chamber while he was holding an oxygen tank.

Thought this was absurd enough for its own thread.

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1 hour ago, 88Comrade2000 said:

I hate mri’s. Claustrophobic when inside one of those. You want out but have to wait until they are done with you.

I had 3 a few years ago and they were playing some sort of weird sounds (couldn't call it music).  It made me dizzy enough to almost fall asleep. 

I'm not the best at staying still for that long...which reminds me of when twa posted that they had to wrap him up like a burrito. :ols:

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I sure hope the magnetic field is OK. I mean, the guy was a fool, and it wasn't really the field's fault, but man, that's gotta mess with you.
Get the MRI machine some counseling.



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