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Bruce Willis retires due to aphasia


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Aphasia is hard to deal with. For me, it's worse in speaking than in writing, it occurs in both. It's frustrating for sure. Being alone so much during the times of Covid when the only being I speak to mostly is Dancer. 


For an actor, the memorization and trying to remember the right words must be horrifying.

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Reading more stories about Willis, seems like people on set have been worried about him for several years. Including some  instances where he botched gun stunts by firing early. And having his shooting schedule trimmed down to 2 days only and less than 5 pages of dialog (and using an earwig to have someone feed him his lines). 


Kind of sad that it looks like his management was running him out there for the 2mil paycheck over and over. 



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On 3/30/2022 at 12:58 PM, The 12th Commandment said:

Ahh, that's why he filmed 7 movies in '21.  Get while the getting is good.  Had aphasia for a while, years ago.  It was a highly disturbing thing to say one thing in your head and something nonsensical comes out of your mouth.

Red Letter Media basically called it (granted, they probably weren't the first, but it was the first I'd heard of it) when they were doing their episodes on his so-called "Geezer Teaser" low-effort films he's been in last few years.  They noted that there was a transmitter in his ear in one of the films, and figured they were feeding him lines through that, and in another film, one of the actors cast could do a believable Bruce Willis voice that they were probably using as a twofer to also dub some lines for Willis.

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Sad to hear. Willis has been one of my favorite action stars since I saw Die Hard. However, I will add that perhaps his greatest role (not to mention a complete departure from the action genre) had to be in the Sixth Sense. 


I hope he can retire knowing he brought millions enjoyment and still have a productive life with his family and close loved ones off camera.


Happy retirement,  Mr. Willis. And yippee ki yay, mother****er.




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https://www.kiro7.com/news/trending/razzies-rescind-bruce-willis-worst-performance-award-light-aphasia-diagnosis/766JEFGJV5FAHPZKR4CFT5FI6U/#:~:text=7 Toy Drive-,Razzies rescind Bruce Willis' 'worst performance award',in light of aphasia diagnosis&text=The Razzies have decided to,has been diagnosed with aphasia.


Razzies rescind Bruce Willis’ ‘worst performance award’ in light of aphasia diagnosis


Been a fan along time.  I remember him in Moon Lighting.  I hope he has a good retirement.

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