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DT Gardener will not return due to "non-football illness"


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ESPN.com news services

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Daryl Gardener will not return to the Denver Broncos this season, the team's web site reports.

The defensive tackle was scheduled to return this week from a two-game suspension for conduct detrimental to the team, but coach Mike Shanahan said Monday that Gardener will not return this year due to a "non-football illness."

"He's got a non-football illness," Shanahan told the web site. "Right now he's seeking treatment on some personal issues, so he won't be with us for the rest of the season."

Shanahan said he had not been in direct contact with the offseason acquisition, but has talked with Gardener's agent, Neil Schwartz.

"We still have his rights," Shanahan said. "I'll address that at the end of the season and see where he's at and talk to his agent (Neil Schwartz) and make a decision down the road."


Are we lucky that he didn't sign with us or would he have acted differently playing here?

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Originally posted by inmate running the asylum

A rotation of Gardener, Russell, Dalton, Noble and a #1 draft pick in 2004 might be good. :)

1) Noble may never be the same after his catastrophic injury

2) You left out Holsey, who has been by far our best DT this year

3) Russell hasn't done d!ck for us since he got here

4) Gardener is out of his mind

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He probably is bubba. Some of the stuff he's on Gardener about sounds pretty petty. But he apparently did threaten an Assistant Coach. Thats not penny-ante stuff. I'm guessing he's earned the situation he's in. Its only a minor miracle he didn't melt-down during his time here.

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I doubt we get him here for a league minimum salery. We'd have to pony up something that isn't worth the effort (2nd or 3rd rd pick) and he'd walk all over George Edwards (if he comes back).

I personally don't thnk he'll ever return to last years form. Which was pretty bad-a*s to say the least.........

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Originally posted by Storm

the guys on ESPN said Gardner recognized he was having issues and reached out for help. Not sure what that means, all they said it difinetly wasnt the same thing as the Raiders player had last year.

just realized his conract ain't guarenteed, now trying to find a way to get out of trouble,

"Sorry coach "I had issues" didn't mean to rip you a new one on local radio.":(

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