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WP: Brazil’s new president is already deeply unpopular


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Brazil offers to cut deforestation by 40 percent in exchange for $1 billion from U.S.


Brazil says it will cut back on deforestation — for a price.


Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has sent a proposal to the Biden administration that involves reducing deforestation by 40 percent in exchange for $1 billion, The Wall Street Journal reports. Bolsonaro is often criticized as a "negligent steward" of the vulnerable Amazon rainforest, the Journal notes, but he and others, including residents of the Amazon region, have argued the only way to save the rainforest is by funding "nascent bio-industries" like fish farming "that would provide alternatives to poor farmers who slash and burn to raise crops and cattle."


Ricardo Salles, Brazil's environment minister, said $1 billion is a "reasonable" amount, especially since President Biden mentioned during his campaign last year that he would work to gather $20 billion from around the world to help Brazil fight forest destruction. Salles told the Journal that one-third of the money would finance "specialized battalions" to enforce environmental laws, while the rest would go to the aforementioned sustainable economic activities.

Per the Journal, Brazil believes foreign aid would end deforestation by 2030, but not everyone is buying the talk. "The [Brazilian] government's credibility to collect funds from other governments is entirely damaged," Carlos Rittl, a senior fellow at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability in Germany, told the Journal. "This is a blackmail discourse."


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Most Brazilians in new poll support Bolsonaro impeachment


The majority of Brazilians in a new poll said for the first time that they are in favor of impeaching President Jair Bolsonaro.


The survey from the Brazilian polling institute Datafolha found that 54 percent of Brazilians are in favor of the country's lower house moving to impeach Bolsonaro, Reuters reports. Just more than four in 10 -- 42 percent --  percent opposed the action.


Reuters notes that an earlier poll had showed roughly equal percentages supporting and opposing impeachment.  


Datafolha's survey was conducted from July 7 to 9 and involved 2,074 face-to-face interviews with Brazilians. The results have a margin of error of 2 percentage points.


Brazil has recently been shaken by allegations that federal authorities sought out bribes to speed up and overpay for Indian-made Covaxin vaccines. A judge in the nation's highest court recently approved an investigation into Bolsonaro for for dereliction of duty, Reuters reports.


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Brazil: warning Bolsonaro may be planning military coup amid rallies


The Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, and his allies could be preparing to mount a military coup in Brazil, according to an influential group of former presidents, prime ministers and leading public figures on the left.


An open letter claims rallies that Bolsonaro followers are staging on Tuesday represent a danger to democracy and amount to an insurrection modelled on Donald Trump supporters’ attack on the US Capitol on 6 January.


They assert the nationwide marches by Bolsonaro supporters against the supreme court and Congress, involving white supremacist groups, military police, and public officials at every level of government, are “stoking fears of a coup in the world’s third largest democracy”.


Signatories include José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, the Spanish former prime minister, Yanis Varoufakis, the former Greek finance minister, Jeremy Corbyn, the former UK Labour leader, Fernando Lugo, the former Paraguayan president, Caroline Lucas, the British Green MP, and Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, the Argentine Nobel laureate and human rights activist.


They point out that on 10 August, Bolsonaro “directed an unprecedented military parade through the capital city of Brasília, as his allies in Congress pushed sweeping reforms to the country’s electoral system that he says are critical before the presidential elections next year”.


The president himself said on 21 August that the marches were preparation for a “necessary countercoup” against Congress and the supreme court. His message claimed that Brazil’s “communist constitution” had taken away his power, and accused “the judiciary, the left, and a whole apparatus of hidden interests” of conspiring against him.


The open letter warns: “Members of Congress in Brazil have warned that the 7 September mobilisation has been modelled on the insurrection at the US Capitol on 6 January 2021, when then-president Donald Trump encouraged his supporters to ‘stop the steal’ with false claims of electoral fraud in the 2020 presidential elections.


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Inside the Bromance Between the ‘Trump of the Tropics’ and the Original


Following Donald Trump’s defeat in the 2020 election, and after the bloody Jan. 6 riot that Trump instigated, the 45th U.S. president immediately lost many of his ties to world leaders he once called “friends.” However, Brazil’s far-right president Jair Bolsonaro, who has modeled himself in Trump’s image, sought to keep the bromance alive.


That’s something former President Trump, months after officially departing the White House, hasn’t forgotten, and has expressed some interest in returning the favor.


This summer, according to two people with knowledge of the matter, Trump told confidants that he’s open to publicly endorsing Bolsonaro’s reelection, potentially at a mega-rally in Brazil where he and Bolsonaro could appear together side-by-side, to rail against what they each deem undesired election outcomes. Bolsonaro, who is widely expected to decisively fail in his reelection bid next year, has been preemptively spreading groundless claims of election “fraud,” a strategy jarringly reminiscent of Trump’s failed coup in the United States.


Whether Trump ends up visiting his Brazilian peer soon or not (the U.S. government issued a “level four” advisory for those interested in visiting Brazil), the links between Bolsonaro-world and Trumpland remain firmly intact.


President Bolsonaro’s son Eduardo, who serves as a member of the Brazilian parliament and has been described in the U.S. press as the Donald Trump Jr. of Brazil, recently met with Trump, according to a post on the Brazilian lawmaker’s Instagram account. Last month, the younger Bolsonaro posted pictures of himself at Trump Tower standing next to the former president. Bolsonaro, whose infant daughter posed alongside the ex-president in an autographed MAGA ball cap, said he “took the opportunity to invite [Trump] to come to our country when he sees fit, maybe in a CPAC-Brazil.”


Trump apparently did not make it to Brazil’s version of the annual U.S. conservative summit, although Donald Trump Jr. spoke to the conference via video. CPAC Brasil 2021, which was hosted in Brazil’s capital city of Brasília early this month, is one of several foreign spin-offs of the stateside conference, which is put on by the American Conservative Union. The ACU is fronted by Trump-aligned lobbyist Matt Schlapp, who is also a friend to the Bolsonaro political dynasty.


It was on the way back from that trip that a delegation of American conservatives, including Trump’s former senior adviser and spokesman Jason Miller, was briefly detained by Brazilian law enforcement as they attempted to fly out of the country on Tuesday. The incident came on Brazil’s independence day, as Bolsonaro urged his supporters to defend his administration by flooding into the streets of Brasília, as well as other major cities.


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Why deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon has soared to its highest level in 15 years


Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest surged in 2021, reaching a 15-year high as it emerged that the forest has begun emitting more carbon than it can absorb.


Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research (INPE) estimated last month that 13,235 square kilometers (5,110 square miles) of the forest was cleared between August 2020 and July 2021 — the greatest area lost to deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon since 2006.


The Amazon rainforest covers land in nine countries, but around 60% lies in Brazil.


According to Greenpeace, one-third of deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon is linked to so-called land grabbing of public land, mainly driven by meat producers clearing space for cattle ranches.

At the COP26 climate summit in November, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro signed an international pledge to end deforestation by 2030.


But deforestation has increased in Brazil under Bolsonaro’s rule. He has courted controversy during his presidency for encouraging activities like mining and agriculture in the Amazon and has been criticized for making efforts to pass laws that would allow commercial developments on protected land. The president has also offered financial incentives to indigenous tribes who develop their land in the rainforest into soy plantations, according to Reuters.


In August, Brazil’s lower house of Congress passed a bill that would make it easier for squatters on public land to be granted deeds to that land. It came after a separate bill, passed by the lower house in May, paved the way for mining, agriculture and other projects in the Amazon to be greenlit more easily. Both bills are now set to be considered by Brazil’s Senate for approval.

Luciana Gatti, a climate scientist at INPE, described the levels of deforestation seen in the Amazon as “a nightmare.”


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Brazilian President Bolsonaro hospitalized in Sao Paulo


Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was taken to a Sao Paulo hospital for tests early Monday after experiencing abdominal discomfort, the government said.


Bolsonaro is “doing well” and further information will be provided later in a medical bulletin, a government statement published by the Globo media outlet said.


Bolsonaro returned to the financial capital during the night from a New Year break on the coast and was immediately taken to Hospital Vila Nova Star, according to Globo.


Globo quoted Bolsonaro’s doctor, Antônio Luiz Macedo, as saying Bolsonaro had stomach pains.


Macedo operated on Bolsonaro after he was stabbed at a political rally in 2018.


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Brazil could face ‘more severe’ unrest than US Capitol riot


Brazil, which is due to hold a presidential election in October, is at risk of facing a “more severe” incident than the January 6, 2021 attack on the United States Capitol, according to the head of the country’s electoral court.


Edson Fachin’s comments on Wednesday follow the latest polls that showed Brazil’s far-right President Jair Bolsonaro trailing behind former leader Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.


Bolsonaro has cast doubts on the voting system, without evidence, going as far as threatening to reject an unfavourable outcome in the elections.


“We may experience an episode even more severe than the January 6 [attack] on the Capitol,” Fachin said in a presentation at the Wilson Center in Washington, DC.


On January 6, 2021, hundreds of supporters of then-President Donald Trump overwhelmed police officers as they stormed the US Capitol in Washington, DC, in an attempt to violently prevent the certification of President Joe Biden’s election victory.


Fachin also warned he would not accept any interference in the electoral process. The involvement of Brazil’s armed forces in the presidential race has to be cooperative and must never be interfering, he said.


Earlier this year, the electoral court created a transparency commission with representatives of several public institutions, including the military, to ensure greater security for the voting process.


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What I find ironic is how these extremist right-wingers hack on leftist woke liberals for giving out ‘participation’ trophies - because they don’t want to acknowledge ‘losers’ - and yet they won’t acknowledge ‘winners’ either by refusing to concede (denial about any loss) or even shake hands and congratulate winners (sportsmanship). 

Just so juvenile. What an incredibly low level of consciousness.


And I wish everyone else would start acting like adults… enforce the rules.. and if the children can’t follow the rules of the game, they don’t get to play. Sorry, not sorry.

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