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That hustle play by Reese at the end of the half was so huge getting that rebound under the basket.  What hustle.


Young has great dribbling ability, knows how to find the lane, and has a great stroke.  What a baller.


Cut down on those turnovers, that pass by Martinez was so lazy.  Hawkins is the MVP for Illinois, he hit two monster threes.  Without him we are up 18.

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**** call there. Reese gets shoved into the Illinois player. Illinois plays a really physical game, could have a few more fouls called.


Not a big Brad Underwood fan. Good coach and recruiter, but don’t like the game he plays. Also dogged Okla St leaving really late after only one year there. Dick move.

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Just an amazing start to the Willard era in CP. This team is a little thin on the bench. It would be nice if Cornish, Batchelor, and the big Canadian kid can step up and give them some quality minutes this season. 

I’m really looking forward to the next couple years to see the quality of recruits Willard brings in, and what he can do with them. He’s off to a good start. If he can get a little size in, Terps men’s basketball could be going places.

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