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Let’s not forget that this is a team that had very low expectations beginning the season. They got off to a terrific start, a record breaking start, but this is still a limited team. 

Willard has what Turge left him (not much), and a couple guys from the transfer portal, but there will likely be more nights like last night this season. Well, hopefully not quite THAT bad. 

Willard is a really good coach, he’s already shown that, and a solid person character-wise. Give him time to get his recruits in, and put his stamp on this program, and I’m sure he will make a lot of people happy. Happier than they’ve been since Gary left.

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Maryland recruit DeShawn Harris-Smith playing on the U right now in the City of Palms classic semifinal against the Boozer twins. Really like what I’ve seen so far. Great body, amazing complete floor game. Nice stroke from deep too.

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2 hours ago, @DCGoldPants said:

Woof. Playcalling still has been pretty terrible. Lia outside of gus long scramble and TD dime has no looked good at all. 


I think a lot of backups playing WR/TE. How many of the starting WRs declared for the draft? And the big TE is transferring to Alabama. 

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