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The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread


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Good win today vs. Ohio State, first good win since Illinois. Keeps them in the tournament, obviously long way to go. Young carries this team, when he is scoring the team excels. Takes the pressure off the other players.

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Maryland, and Julian Reese showing me something today. Guessing Reese got a talking to after last game to get him ready for his battle with Lurch. Looked like the boys were gonna get rocked again, but have really battled Purdue this 2nd half in their house. 

Officiating has been typically B1G inconsistent.

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I watched the final 10 minutes.  Their strength is defense imo.  Young and Scott carry the team offensively for the most part, when they are going the entire team goes.  Wish this team had more depth, if they did they might be able to make some real noise.  Carey has contributed almost nothing this year.  

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