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Jones with the first down catch and they say he’s OB and then refuse to look at it AND ita a delay of game.

What a ****ing joke. How do you not even review it? 


Our Terps played mostly like **** with some moments of brilliance. 

Second half is ours. 

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1 minute ago, abdcskins said:

I knew they should have accepted that illegal formation penalty. Geez. Can't get any pressure on this QB.

They are doing better when they rush 4 and 5 and just abandon linebackers. SMU has no interest in running it. And why would they when they call holding on our DB who literally didn’t touch the WR? “It was someone else” - ok then show it? 

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10 minutes ago, Long n Left said:


There is a lot of talent on this team. They just don’t play well. To me, that goes on the coaching staff.

I think you’re right. I wish this team made better adjustments and was better disciplined for sure. 

Their opponents this game has been so far:

1. Themselves

2. SMU

3. Thiss ****ty officiating crew. 

Gotta solve 1. 

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D came up with needed big plays, something they didn’t do well last year. Was a good win considering all the misfortune, but a lot of that was self-inflicted. They need to clean things up before next week, or they’re gonna get beat by 30+.

Still down on the coaching. Was evident early on that they could run against SMU, almost at will, but continued to look for the chunk pass plays. Offensive line was disappointing, but Lia looked slow in his reads, and very indecisive. Thought they should have help him get some rhythm by using play-action quick throws.


Defensively, was disappointed to see them play so passively, so often. Rushing 3 and sitting zone gave their QB plenty of time to make throws into seams way too often. I’d love to see Williams come up with varying looks up front, and bring guys from different places and angles. The backfield is not bad, but they need pressure up front, or good QBs will torch them.


This was a good game for the grit and determination they showed to get the win, but the competition steps up big time now, and coaches got work to do in order to get this team ready to compete at that level.

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