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Finally got to watch the men’s basketball team a couple nights ago against Binghamton, and could tell right away that this is a better coached team than in the last few years. Their defensive intensity and play was harassing. The offense was still a bit lacking, but they had an idea of what they wanted to do. Players were put into positions where they could use their talents to excel. And, instead of sugar coating another big win against a mid-major, Willard talked about being upset at how his bench players gave up too many points late in the past two games.


The facilities, fertile recruiting ground, and history of Maryland basketball should be held to a high standard, and Willard is holding them to it right out of the gate.

I’ve been banging the drum for him to come to CP for a few years now, and he isn’t letting me down. This team will struggle, as Turgeon left the cupboards pretty bare, but they will also frustrate, and likely upset, some good teams. Willard has already upped their schedule strength, which will make them tougher when tournament time rolls around, and has put together a highly rated recruiting class for next year complete with top DMV recruits. 

Just a couple weeks into Willard’s tenure, but I like what I’ve seen so far, hope this upward trajectory continues.

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1 minute ago, mhd24 said:

Until we get Big 10 caliber lineman (both sides), this team will never compete.  It was eye opening how much bigger OSU's o-line was vs our d-line.

The D line has been an issue all year. Wisconsin and Ohio State could push them around consistently. 

With a team like OSU, you can really see how ****ing fast there are on the defensive side of the ball as well. Those LBs track side to side so quickly and turn big runs into small ones. 

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4 hours ago, TheDoyler23 said:

Well. Gonna have to see how Lia is. Ugh. 


If only this team could play like this against Penn State and Wisconsin. 


Lia said he feels fine.


Just had someone fall on his knee.

4 hours ago, mhd24 said:

Until we get Big 10 caliber lineman (both sides), this team will never compete.  It was eye opening how much bigger OSU's o-line was vs our d-line.

We have B1G caliber lineman...but when you're talking about OSU, those are ELITE talents.

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Enough of this football talk, it’s basketball season!


What an impressive win over a good St Louis team that had just beaten Memphis. Game was never in doubt, and Terps were up by 30 in the second half. Great defense for a fourth straight game, and guys were knocking down threes. Today could be a let down, but if they keep up this defensive intensity, they’re gonna win some games they maybe shouldn’t.



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Julian Reese playing hard, he seems to have grown physically and gained confidence over the offseason.  Footwork, touch, passing, shooting, rebounding, everything.  Impressed at how aggressive the entire team is rebounding the ball.  And the shooting!  I remember Carey having some good shooting games at Georgetown but wow he has been hot today.  Scott has been scoring almost at will the past two games, both inside and out.  Really cutting down on the turnovers is what they need to work on, team got rattled by Miami's pressure the last several minutes.  Amazing what good coaching can do.

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