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Happy Birthday Jerry Garcia!


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Only got to see the Dead once.  June 25, 1995 at RFK, a little over a month before he died.  (audio:  http://archive.org/details/gd1995-06-25.fob.akg.unknown.swayne.85340.flac1648 )


I was a teenager.  Liked a lot of the studio stuff, but hadn't listened to too much live recordings.  Had a great time, but was more than a little confused during space/drums.  Wish I could have seen it a little later in life, when I would have maybe appreciated it a little more, but it was certainly an eye opener.


Dylan opened for them and he was awesome.  Jerry came out for the last few songs, and Dylan closed his set with the two of them doing Rainy Day Women #12 & 35.  Needless to say, the crowd loved that one.  Would love to get my hands on a recording of Dylan's set, but could never find one.  Always seemed weird, since so many tapes of the Dead's set are out there on the interwebz, that Dylan's is so hard to find.



RIP Jerry.  You'll never be forgotten


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I saw them twice, in 1993 with Sting and in 1995 with Dylan.

Bliz, did you stop by the drum circles under the bridge at RFK, lol wow.


I'm not sure but I'd have to say probably not.  Seen a few since then...but I think at that point I was still a little young and overhwhelmed by it all.  Wandered the parking lot a little bit, but didn't stick around there too long, I think.

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Reminds me of the joke-

What did one dead head say to the other when the acid wore off?

Wow this music sucks

No kidding. Never did get the appeal. But then again, people say I'm crazy for saying the Rolling Stones are way better than the Beatles.

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