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Delay of game early in the 4th.....WTF?


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Was at the stadium and was curious what the hell happened early in the 4th when we were going to attempt a 50-yard FG but got pushed back for delay of game and sent the punting unit on? Granted, Gano is not automatic from that distance, but if he hits that, and then we get a TD (and 2-pt conversion) later, we're only down 3. Granted, it wound up being moot anyway, as we couldn't stop Philly and they ran out the clock, but if we had held, it would've been nice to have potentially only been down 3 instead of 7 with probably only 1:15 or so left and no timeouts.

Either way, seemed like an embarrassing sequence.

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As has been the case this season, the clock management in key situations has been questionable at best. Same issue prior to half time. It seemed to me like Shanny thought he called a TO (they showed him red faced and yelling at a ref). As soon as the penalty occurred I knew they'd punt it and had no issue with that call. Just a shame they took that penalty there. I don't know if it's Kyle or what, but the clock management issues need to be rectified.

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Yeah that was truly brainfart moment on the part of Shanahan. I thought this team that moved beyond those clock management issues. I guess not. However, in the rest of post, you're speaking hypothetically when talking about getting a TD because they weren't doing squat against the Eagles D.

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I don't know if it's on Shanahan,.. after all it's a special teams play.

But I think the explanation offered on TV was reasonable. We had some injuries and some players on the field who had not played any yet this year, and that could have easily caused the confusion in getting the FG package in.

After all, FG team doesn't change unless there's an injury. There isn't any difference between the 20 yard FG personel and the 50 yard FG personel.

And you all know me, I'm always ready to point out Danny Smith's mistakes. But I can't lay that on the coaches. A backup has to know his assignments regardless.

Ultimately Smith is responsible, but.. this one is at least understandable, even if it sucked.

Now, had the game come down to 3 points, I'd be much more angry over it.

But as it is, I think it was just an unfortunate mistake by players in new situations.

No excuse.. but a reasonable explanation.


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