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Syracuse, Pitt Leaving Big East For The ACC; TCU Bolting For Big 12


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Extra fresh update:

TCU leaving Big East for Big 12

Previous update: Both Cuse and Pitt have been accepted to the ACC. The next question: will there be two more?

ACC adding Big East's Syracuse, Pitt

Previous articles:

Syracuse and Pitt in Talks With A.C.C.

Big East official: Pitt, Syracuse "likely gone"

While neither school is a powerhouse, both (Cuse in particular) had once been mentioned as potential Big "10" targets in the future. IMO, for the ACC this is survival and preparation for SEC expansion/poaching as much as a desire to become a super-sized conference.

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Sorry, I've been out of it for a few days due to work and travel. Still, I thought this board could use the thread.

I can't imagine WVU getting an invite, since (as discussed many many times before on here) there are other schools with far better academic reputations -- and ACC members actually care about that sort of thing.

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where did you hear that? lol. UNC is staying in the ACC

I said "possible" because it's just a rumor at this point. The genesis of the idea came from this article:


Right now, UNC is first and foremost a basketball school, but their football program has been gaining a lot of steam over the past few years. Although, if I had to put money on an ACC team defecting to the SEC, it would be Clemson. That being said, UNC leaving wouldn't surprise as much as it would surprise others.

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That being said, UNC leaving wouldn't surprise as much as it would surprise others.

Any reaction short of being totally gobsmacked would make that come true, given that others would be absolutely agog. It would make little sense for either UNC or the SEC and it also would put them in a different conference from Duke. And that's just for starters.

In honor of the Lion King re-release, I give you the reaction of the collective college sports universe if UNC jumped to the SEC:


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UNC is not going anywhere. It was actually rumored weeks ago that Florida State and Clemson would move to the SEC, which would make sense, at least for FSU football wise.

Evidently, the ACC has upped the fine for leaving the conference to $20 million dollars......so any team leaving is going to pay big time lol. They said that Cuse and Pitt only have to pay $5 million each to leave the Big East.

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probably more like 6 super conferences that are all regional.

Anywho....I'm fine with 'Cuse and Pitt. If they want to go to 16. I'm not sure who would be a good fit. UConn? ECU as a little guy moving up? No clue.

The Super Conferences will only be:

ACC- 12 to 14 teams and eventually16

SEC- 12 to 13 to eventually 16

PAC 12- 12 to eventually 16

Big 10- 12 to eventually 16

ACC would now need 2 more to get to 16. SEC will need 3 more to get to 16. PAC 12 will need 4 more. Big Ten would need 4 more.

Big 12 and Big East- well football side will implode. The survivors could form a conference or join the mountain west and conference USA.

I could see a 5th Super Conference with the best teams of what's left of the Big 12 and Big East merge with the best teams of the mountain West and Conference USA.

I don't see 6 super conferences.

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