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  1. you really didnt think HHH was going to make himself lose his first match back in forever did you lol. I love HHH, but I was hoping CM Punk would win via interfence by Kevin Nash, it would have been a good path to take, Nash gets fired and comes back and screws HHH over and starts teaming with Punk. Also read that Cena won again.........getting sick of him holding the belt. Of course all that means is Cena and CM Punk probably at the next PPV maybe w/Del Rio or some **** like that. Sadly, Cena will be holding the belt next March/April because there is no way the Wrestlemania match against
  2. I thought tonight was great. Nash is the man, period. Loved at the end when he screwed CM Punk out of the #1 contenders match. Although, I'm sick of Cena and would rather have a Punk/Del Rio match at the next PPV. Overall, I think they are going in the right direction. More language is back, with much needed "attitude" and the screw jobs are starting to come back, I miss that, that's old school. Right now its catching my attention again.
  3. First, how old are you? Just curious, cause I'm 36 years old and when I turned on RAW tonight and found out that Kevin Nash aka Big Sexy bum rushed the ring and powerbombed CM Punk and that cost him the title to Del Rio due to Money in the Bank, I thought it was brilliant. You have to remember, way back in the day, something always happened at every PPV (almost), someone turned on a friend, screwed them out of a title, etc. I wanted Punk to beat Cena, he did lol. Then came the xfactor (K. Nash). Blew him up and then someone else capitolized (Del Rio). It seems like with HHH and Stephanie
  4. So HHH is running the show now..........lol ---------- Post added July-18th-2011 at 11:18 PM ---------- I think that HHH has been hurt enough to wrestle part time now, plus we already knew that him and Steph pretty much ran the show/storyline and there was rumors of him being a monster on booking overseas. I think that Vince is getting old and now he offically has handed it over to HHH and Steph
  5. Actually a pretty decent RAW tonight. Best matches were the Big Show vs. Del Dickface with the WSM interfering and costing Big Show the match. Followed by the tornado match with the Rey and Riley vs. Miz and Swagger. Personally, I don't like rey at all, but I like the Riley angle, so I was happy to see him win. And the ending finale was great, good match overall. The main event was pretty good, I was happy to see Cena get ****ed out and lose the match due to Punk interference. I used to like Cena for the most part, but Ive grown tired of his matches cause he always seems to win and keeps
  6. Its somewhat entertaining, even the water downed version that it has become. When they went straight rated G it started getting a lot more boring. Im giving TNA another shot and started putting it back on the DVR. I think the main problem is even though TNA is a competitor, it's still small and having a hard time catching the giant. What we need as wrestling fans is for a bunch of WWE superstars to jump to TNA, all at once. Like 10 of them. Then for SmackDown to be cancelled. Then it gets back to the old WCW vs. WWE wars and the only way to compete is better story lines, no kiddie ****
  7. edit.......wwe not the smackdown belt, that would be JBL. Wasnt the shortest title match time when Diesel beat that one dude with the big boot and pin right after the bell was rang, something like 20 seconds?
  8. Agreed. However, it won't be the same without China, Lita or Trish Stratus. Lets face it, those gals could flat out ball.
  9. WWE sure moves fast on its commercials for SmackDown....geez http://vids.wwe.com/11739/smackdown-edge-must-surrender-th ---------- Post added April-12th-2011 at 09:44 AM ---------- A twisted new force comes to WWE? I wonder if it's Awesome Kong from TNA since she got fired a while back. Not that I care, because the womens matches suck on WWE anyhow, I just can't think of anyone else it could be. http://vids.wwe.com/11733/raw-a-twisted-new-force-is-comin Yep, thats her, I knew it by the dreads. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/644237-christian-awesome-kong-seth-rollins-and-thursdays-t
  10. I hear ya bro, its a sad day for the Rated R Superstar! I remember going to a Monday Night Raw in Charlotte years ago, how many, hard to remember, but Edge was coming out of the crowd and running down through the crowd and me and my boy got to slap him on the back, good times. It was the night that Stone Cold came out and challeged Taker for the WWF Championship due to his rematch clause and won it on Raw. One of those rare times championships changed hands during a Monday Night Raw and not a PPV.
  11. Yes. He had broke his neck for real a while back, said the WWE asked him to get another scan I guess after Wrestlemania and it pretty much made him retire.
  12. I love their beers as well. I picked up their Tumbler autumn brown ale and it was a fine beer. 5.5% and smooth, great taste. Awesome brown ale.
  13. Who gives a crap about ECW (it's cool, just joshing around). On a serious note, the Kevin Nash and Sting in Wolfpack paint beating down Hogan and Bishoff was awesome. I'm wondering if "They" is Nash and Sting along with Raven that Abyss is talking about now. After yesterdays show. For the record, I did think last week that Batista was part of they, but not so much now.
  14. What really happened to Batista? Vacation, really got injured or is he headed to TNA? I keep wondering who "They" are when Abyss is talking. I've wondered if it could be Batista and another WWE superstar jumping ship.
  15. I don't really like the angle and really don't see why the fans are so behind him. I know the majority of sheep change sides like a woman changes her mind, but still. Typically, I have usually always pulled for the bad guys first, then if they turn good, it's still good.
  16. A wise man once told me, "Never trust a fart."
  17. Wrestling has died. I still watch it and I personally think TNA is making a big push and has the better brand right now.
  18. Shamus rules! Don't hate on the Irish......St. Patty's day is in two days dude!
  19. LOL, I remember watching this live back in the day. I love it when Nash beats the **** out of the drunk fan rushing the ring....Those were the good ole days. I forgot Hogan kept calling it the New World Organization...LMFAO!
  20. DVRing sucks for me now.....I have TNA and 24 recording and am in the other room watching RAW.....I'm glad TNA is going head to head with RAW, I believe it's good for the industry, but I wish they would have once 24 was over
  21. Wouldn't he be considered a heal when he was with the NWO wolfpack back in the day? I mean, you were either with them or against them.....
  22. That's a matter of opinion. WCW tore raw up for a while. I think it was more them not letting go and changing it up that ruined WCW. I want head to head competition, that's when both brands were at their best.
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