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What is the Best Free Anti-virus Software?


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Is paying for Norton Antivirus the best option?

If you want to pay for software you would be wise to avoid Norton and McAfee like the plague. Kaspersky and ESET make a much better product.

Paying isn't really necessary, though. You would do well enough with the likes of AVG, Avast, Avira, or Microsoft Security Essentials. Which software is "best" depends on who you ask and tends to change every few months, so I wouldn't worry so much about that as much as just finding one that suits you personally.

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I like AVG, and have heard nothing but good about Kapersky. I've never used it, but I figure if I ever do want to switch from AVG, Kapersky is where I'll go based on the positive things I've heard.

Norton,,I don't like it.. as someone else said it's a resource hog, and I dont think it catches as much as AVG.

McAffee.. you may as well put a sign out saying you're willing to carry any virus anyone wants to make.


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*insert obligatory buy a mac comment here*


Macs have a reputation for being safer compared to PCs when it comes to viruses and other malware. Much of that had to do with security by obscurity, as hackers would target the much bigger pool of PCs. With the continued growth and popularity of Macs, though, it may be due time for Apple's system to be under attack.

Ed Bott, a blogger for ZDNet, posted an interview between himself and an unnamed AppleCare worker. The source said that AppleCare call centers are now getting bombarded with calls from customers who have been tricked into installing malware called Mac Defender and Apple Security, among others.

"Before this started happening, we had 7-12 minutes between calls generally. Now we’re lucky to have any time between calls," said the source. "We started getting a trickle of calls a couple weeks ago. However, this last week over 50% of our calls have been about it. In two days last week I personally took 60 calls that referred to Mac Defender."

I've been very happy with Microsoft Security Essentials.

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Microsoft Security Essentials.

Free. Regular updates. Light on system resources. I have used it since release and 0 issues.

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The only way to avoid spyware/viruses/malware is to unplug from the internet. At some point we all are going to get one of these 3. Thankfully there are free options out there to fix it.

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