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Anyone know a good house painter? Exterior


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I'd do the painting. It's the repairing and woodwork I'm not as sure about.


I would do both. I will ask my wifes' uncle, who builds houses (he won't be able to help you based on location, and he is expensive). What type of work do you need ? I bet it is not as difficult as it seems.

we have a two story foyer, we dont want to have to bring in scaffolding

You rent one or one of those giant ladders. I did mine and my house is huge. Same issue with the foyer and the stairs going upstairs.

I just take personal pride with doing some stuff myself.

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Basically, there's some wood that's gotten really weathered that I somehow was paying attention too that looks like it needs to be stripped and replaced right below the roof line. I got a note from the HOA who pays better attention. They called it a fascia.



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i also need some exterior work/painting of my exterior trim (i have no idea of the correct term... the ornate woodwork above the brick and below the gutters)..... i STARTED to try to do the painting myself, but frankly it is too much of a pain in the arse. Painting itself isn't bad at all, but clearing away the old crap is a pain in the butt, ESPECIALLY when it is patterned, rather than flat. It isn't VERY ornate, but it is ornate enough to be a pain for someone who doesn't have any real idea what they are doing.

anyway... i already needed that done, and then a tree fell on my house and cracked the side trim (not ornate) and ripped the gutter partially off, tearing up the wood behind the gutter. Ideally... I need someone that is very "meticulous" for wood-work (charged to insurance) and very cheap for painting/stripping (charged to me!) ... :)

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