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  1. Grumpy Vet


    Thank you both for the input. I do appreciate it. Attached are pics of my drivers. I don’t want to get on the PGA - just not call attention to myself on the course. Thanks for for taking the time. I’ll look into woods, a putter and thinning out my drivers. Any more input - love to have it.
  2. Grumpy Vet


    Hi all. I had to play in a golf tournament today at UMD for work. The first time I ever golfed was at Compass Pointe 15 years ago. I kept putting balls in the woods and ended up getting a debilitating case of Lyme disease. But I digress. I bought some used clubs, a used bag and new shoes back then. Good news - shoes still fit. Bag dry rotted and replaced by another Play it Again Sports $30 bag. Clubs still good I’d assume. Ended up playing today with my boss and a couple customers. Some shots - God awful. Some not horrible. It was a scramble....used one of my drives and sank a couple putts. Chipping eludes me. Here is where I need advice. The good golfers in our group mentioned I had basically all the same 3 drivers - with no loft. Any advice on what should be in my bag? I have three more of these outings coming up in the next few months. I’d like to hit a range and try to suck less and show up with the right clubs. I have irons 3-9, PW, SW and Gap. I have a putter that looks like it was stolen from a Putt Putt in OC. Nobody else had one that looked mine. What else do I need? Better loft driver? A wood? Better putter? Play it again a good option to purchase used decent stuff? Not trying to compete on PGA - just trying to improve optics / chance for reasonable play. Appreciate any advice. Thanks, GV
  3. Grumpy Vet

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    I did see a Gordon Ramsay video where he was eating a snake in Vietnam. The restaurant butchered the snake basically in front of the table. The chef pulled the snake's heart out and it was still beating. They put it in a shot glass and Gordon did a beating snake heart shot. I might pass on that if offered. I'm good w/ sushi, sashimi and carpaccio.
  4. Grumpy Vet

    Go forth and get your free money from Equifax!

    A bunch of years ago I saw a post here on Extremeskins that claimed if you signed up at a certain website you'd get a free subscription to Maxim magazine. I was skeptical. I signed up with all the real information except I changed my first name to my dead cat's name. Here almost a decade later, I still get junk mail to the house with his name on it. That link was the only time I've ever used that name. Never once got a Maxim magazine. Fool me once...........
  5. Grumpy Vet

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    I'm curious how everyone feels about this: People throwing water on NY Cops I get there are a lot of problems with the public vs. the police, but I can't imagine doing something like above.
  6. Grumpy Vet

    Buying First Car for Teen Driver

    Thank you everyone for your input. I've done a little research and I'm trying to stay away from SUVs and smaller cars because of safety and higher insurance cost. My wife and I had several Camrys when we first got married and had no problems w/ them. They were good cars. I'm trying to decide if the Honda/Toyota/Subaru are worth the extra bucks in reliability to offset the $2K premium vs. the lower tier. I'm frankly a bit surprised to see the Chevy rated as high as it is. I like the look of the Ford but am a bit concerned about the lower ratings. My daughter doesn't really care what she gets. The Hyundai used to have a stigma of a lower end car but I'm pretty sure that has changed. It seems to be a pretty good car now.
  7. Grumpy Vet

    Buying First Car for Teen Driver

    Hi all. Everyone was so great in helping me decipher my daughter's paychecks for wages and tips as a hostess a few weeks ago, I'm coming back to the well of knowledge asking for advice and experience please. My 16 year old daughter has a job and is saving up for a car. We are paying part and she is paying part of both the car and the expenses. I want her to have "skin in the game" and understand finances a bit more than she does. We live in a very diverse area where some of her friends will be given a ridiculously expensive car without having to work and some of her friends will go sans car. I'm hoping to get feedback on cars in this thread and not really have a debate on why her first car should be a reclamation project from a demolition derby or a Ferrari. My wife and I both have fairly large SUVs (sorry Earth). I think my petite daughter is having a bit of a tough time w/ that. My thinking is that we should find her vehicle in the near future so she has some time to get acquainted to not driving our car - but her car. This should be helpful for the driving test and also once she takes the wheel by herself in early December. I think we can insure the car under my wife and my name until she drives on her own because the largest part of this whole thing is the insurance for a teen driver. This is much more expensive than a monthly payment for a car or anything else. My criteria is high IIHS crash standards, reasonable insurance rates, good gas mileage and a mid sized - safe car with high reliability marks. I've done a bunch of research and before I take my daughter out to look at vehicles - I'd love to hear any input you all may have. Good or bad is appreciated on any experiences you have w/ these cars or if I have left a very obvious car off my list. We are thinking 2014 with an unlikely stretch to 2015 for now. Also - any pros / cons on where to buy? CarFax site is very intuitive and easy to navigate. Prices seem better than CarMax. Would love to find a private sale and have a mechanic take a once over. First column is IIHS rating, then trim rating, Make/Model, avg price, rating for US News and rating for JD Power and their average. Seems to be a big jump 14 -15. Thanks for any input. GV
  8. Grumpy Vet

    Would you pay to go to Training Camp

    No chance Lance. As others have said, I'm no longer paying to go to games and wouldn't entertain driving to Richmond to watch training camp for free; much less pay to do so. This will be year 2 that we won't be going to any games. It was probably one of the best decisions I've made in a long time. I should have pulled the rip cord much earlier than I did.
  9. Grumpy Vet

    Server / Hostess Pay Explanation

    I'd like to thank you all for taking the time to reply. I had an idea on some of that but wanted to clarify before trying to explain it to my daughter. It makes sense. The real world impact of under reporting is interesting too. It probably doesn't have much impact on someone just turning 16 but if she chooses to become a server when she's older those are good tips to be aware of. I think on the first paycheck we will sit tight as the discrepancy isn't huge. As some of you have said, it may be a timing issue with reporting. If things are still wonky after a few weeks, I'll encourage her to approach the chef/owner respectfully and ask for clarification. The main reason I'm trying to understand this is to figure out a rough average hourly rate. She is saving up for a car. In Maryland you can't drive alone until you have so many practice hours, a completed driver's ed course, a passed test and are at least 16 years and nine months. I'm encouraging her to understand how many shifts she would need to work to cover the cost of a car and what kind of car she can afford based on how much she makes on average. We are probably going to get a small loan. We split a down payment with her and then split the monthly payment. I really think it is important for her to be involved in budgeting to see what she can afford and having some skin in the game on this first car. With a decent down payment the monthly payments aren't too bad. It is the insurance that sucks. But I digress. Thanks again to all for the input.
  10. Grumpy Vet

    Server / Hostess Pay Explanation

    Hi all. My 16 year old daughter recently started her first job. She is a hostess at a small local restaurant and bakery. It is a great place and she is really enjoying it. She's worked a handful of shifts and just got her first paycheck. She was initially under the impression she was hourly and not tipped. Apparently that is not the case. She brought me the paycheck and asked me to explain it. I frankly don't understand it. I never worked as a server/host/waiter. The main check is from ADP. It shows earnings in tipped hours, cash tips and credit card tips paid. This paycheck is a rate of $6.25 x 20.5 hours so a gross of 128.13. Her net is $68.19. I see all the deductions for Fed, SS, Med & State. Obviously she is having more than she should taken out. Originally I was thinking we probably need to adjust the W4 and add some allowances - but maybe not since nothing is being withheld (as far as I can tell) for the tips Here is where I'm lost. The cash tips are listed as $28 and the CC tips paid are listed as $153. The Gross pay is listed as $309.13 Then under other benefits and info it lists Tip credit as $78.93 and total hours worked as $20.50. She has rec'd four checks. One ADP check for $68.19 - that i get. Then she has handwritten tip checks for $33, $19 and $33. Lastly - there was a large private party last week and the owner gave her $20 cash for doing a good job. I don't get the correlation between the earnings shown on the ADP check of tips $181 and the handwritten checks for $85 or $105 (with the $20 cash). Also - where does the $78.93 in other benefits and info factor in? I'm pretty sure nothing nefarious is going on but I'd love to be able to understand it a little better. Perhaps things in the hospitality industry are a little more loose than what I'm used to. I'll be curious what the next paycheck looks like so I can try to figure out a pattern, but in the meantime if anyone can give me any insight, I'd really appreciate it. Figured I'd scan the stub as above may be hard to follow: Thanks, GV
  11. Grumpy Vet

    Tax Bill

    Just got our numbers back. We usually get a refund from state (MD) and have to pay 4x that refund to Federal. Last year we made 6% more than 2017 but paid less in taxes. I guess the withholding tables indicated less should be taken out of our paychecks. We will still get a state refund but will owe 5.5X that to Uncle Sam about a month from now. SALT limitation was brutal. Overall federal taxes were up (percentage wise) vs 2017. My wife and I changed our W4s last night from 1 deduction to zero and then are having more money pulled out each pay period. That check to IRS is going to sting. Hopefully these changes will help tax time next year. We'll keep an eye on candidates for this upcoming election and then re-assess 2020. Thank goodness I don't have Redskin tix to purchase this year. GV
  12. Grumpy Vet

    Tax Bill

    I'm curious how the adjusted tax brackets will affect people this year. We are sending our taxes in today to the accountant and I have no idea how it will all come out. We will lose some exemptions and miss out on some SALT w/ the cap - but the tax rates at the various income levels seemed to have dropped fairly significantly. I'm sure we will still be boned. We always end up owing a decent amount in Federal every year w/ a small state return.
  13. Grumpy Vet

    What is the average age of our real fan base?

    Asked my kids to watch the game yesterday and they said - why would I watch that? Almost every time you watch it, you get upset...who needs that? My mother is in her 70s - still goes to every game along w/ my sister. My brother in law and I gave up our tickets this year. My sister has no kids and my kids want nothing to do w/ this team. Redskin fandom dies with my generation. I'm 46.
  14. Grumpy Vet

    The season in gifs

    Jordan Reed to the IR...again.
  15. Grumpy Vet

    2018 Fantasy Football

    2 Leagues this year - Picked a RB w/ my first pick in each: Bell & Hunt Anyone need any FFL advice going into the playoffs from me? I'm obviously very good at it.