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  1. Have our draft tonight. I'm doing a little research now. We toned the money down a bit this year and if we don't make it 8 games (Covid) we get our money back. Trying to brainstorm my first few moves. I'm 10th out of 10. Never picked there before. Thinking about trying a new strategy and stacking around my keeper. Will be brutal in the bye week - but might be interesting the other 15.
  2. He said they are the US Marshals. https://www.usmarshals.gov/duties/courts.htm
  3. I don't currently subscribe to the WaPo. I'm guessing the story will be behind a pay wall of some sort? Least I can do is subscribe if they bring The Danny down.
  4. Hi there. If you are not in too big of a hurry - I agree w/ some others on here that you can find a nice used car. Our daughter just got her first car. We were looking for a decent mid size car with good safety ratings. We decided on a Hyundai Sonata. Once we narrowed down the type of car - we watched carfax.com . We saved vehicles we liked and watched as some were sold. If they don't sell, they will drop in price. One of the ones we liked dropped twice and as soon as it did, I drove out to Annapolis to look at it. It was a nice 2017 with 31,000 miles. It came as a Hyunda
  5. This was the first season in probably 15 years I didn't go to a game. My life is better for it.
  6. Hi everyone. I've been in a FFL with my sister in law's husband for about 10 years. I've never made it to the final playoffs.....until now. Last game for all the marbles tomorrow. Hypothetically there is a decent amount of money on the line. I'm 12 - 3. Guy I'm playing I beat two weeks ago and he's favored by 7 this week. I'd be appreciative of any advice on who to play and who to sit on this last game. Peterson and Mack are the main ones I'm thinking of elevating. Maybe sit Landry? How will Chubb do against the Ravens? Which Golladay shows up?
  7. Grumpy Vet


    Thank you both for the input. I do appreciate it. Attached are pics of my drivers. I don’t want to get on the PGA - just not call attention to myself on the course. Thanks for for taking the time. I’ll look into woods, a putter and thinning out my drivers. Any more input - love to have it.
  8. Grumpy Vet


    Hi all. I had to play in a golf tournament today at UMD for work. The first time I ever golfed was at Compass Pointe 15 years ago. I kept putting balls in the woods and ended up getting a debilitating case of Lyme disease. But I digress. I bought some used clubs, a used bag and new shoes back then. Good news - shoes still fit. Bag dry rotted and replaced by another Play it Again Sports $30 bag. Clubs still good I’d assume. Ended up playing today with my boss and a couple customers. Some shots - God awful. Some not horrible. It was a scramble....us
  9. I did see a Gordon Ramsay video where he was eating a snake in Vietnam. The restaurant butchered the snake basically in front of the table. The chef pulled the snake's heart out and it was still beating. They put it in a shot glass and Gordon did a beating snake heart shot. I might pass on that if offered. I'm good w/ sushi, sashimi and carpaccio.
  10. A bunch of years ago I saw a post here on Extremeskins that claimed if you signed up at a certain website you'd get a free subscription to Maxim magazine. I was skeptical. I signed up with all the real information except I changed my first name to my dead cat's name. Here almost a decade later, I still get junk mail to the house with his name on it. That link was the only time I've ever used that name. Never once got a Maxim magazine. Fool me once...........
  11. I'm curious how everyone feels about this: People throwing water on NY Cops I get there are a lot of problems with the public vs. the police, but I can't imagine doing something like above.
  12. Just got our numbers back. We usually get a refund from state (MD) and have to pay 4x that refund to Federal. Last year we made 6% more than 2017 but paid less in taxes. I guess the withholding tables indicated less should be taken out of our paychecks. We will still get a state refund but will owe 5.5X that to Uncle Sam about a month from now. SALT limitation was brutal. Overall federal taxes were up (percentage wise) vs 2017. My wife and I changed our W4s last night from 1 deduction to zero and then are having more money pulled out each pay period. That check to IRS is go
  13. I'm curious how the adjusted tax brackets will affect people this year. We are sending our taxes in today to the accountant and I have no idea how it will all come out. We will lose some exemptions and miss out on some SALT w/ the cap - but the tax rates at the various income levels seemed to have dropped fairly significantly. I'm sure we will still be boned. We always end up owing a decent amount in Federal every year w/ a small state return.
  14. @MarkB452 Thank you for the extra info. Much appreciated.
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