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  1. My heart is mine, not yours. God gave it to me, not you and not for anyone else to put under a microscrope. Yet i still don't have the right to access any info being transmitted from it, yet others do. Makes my heart race just thinking about it. Just sayin'. Have a nice day.
  2. Roses are gray, violets are gray. Thanks for posting that one, that made me smile.
  3. My wife is an adolescent, ungrateful, cheating, liar. among other things.
  4. Women's Moto X might be my new favorite spectator sport.
  5. I think i just owned myself I was thinking that it should have read "Highly flammable", with "Inflammable" meaning Not flammable. I will leave the pic up since I got Owned.
  6. Anyone else see this narcoleptic dog? Poor little pup X0h2nleWTwI
  7. I doubt the cubs would have won if the call was made correctly, but i do know that everything that happens after that play would have been different had the call been made correctly. Change one moment (one play like today), and then everything that happens after that changes as well. I am not saying the Cubs would have won, just that everything that would have come after that would have been different, so you do not know what would have happened. The Braves were the better team today plain and simple. No excuses, just bad pitching. There will be plenty more bad calls this year. Calls t
  8. Yeah game over :mad: Horrible pitching = FAIL. The cubs will win more games than they will loose when they score 5+ runs, but if they are going to pitch like garbage it will be a long year. umpires already making me angry with blown calls as well. ARGH!!! That Byrd fly to center hit the ground. Dangit!
  9. Note to Big Z, Don't let Heyward get full extension. Jam him please.
  10. Marlon Byrd is making new fans right away with his new team. 3 run jack. wohoo!! Go Cubs!
  11. Thanks Stophovr6. That freakin animation made me laugh. I couldn't stop watching either.
  12. I particularly enjoyed the 10,000 Cub victories pic, switchgear.
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