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KXAN (Austin's NBC Affiliate): State denies compensation to exonoree (who spent 18 years on death row)


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PFLUGERVILLE, Texas (KXAN) - The Texas Comptroller's Office has denied compensation to exonoree Anthony Graves, 45. Graves spent 18 years on death row for murders he did not commit. He was exonerated late last year after a special prosecutor found that not one piece of credible evidence linked Graves to the crime.

Graves was denied $1.4 million by the State because documents freeing Graves do not directly use the word 'innocent.'

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We shall overcome....the legislature meets this year :silly:

I'm sure they've got a solution...revoking Grave's exoneration and issuing a warrant for his arrest. Can't go gettin' soff on dem criminals now!!

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Do you think that amount is excessive, given he was exonerated after 18 years in prison?

Please read this article with special attention to the last paragraph. Quite honestly, I don't know what losing 18 years of one's life in a hell hole is worth. To me, 1.4M isn't enough.

Mistakes happen but in Texas it seems to be a pattern of behavior. They've got to have the worst "justice" system in the country. :(

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Andy Dufresne only walked away with around three-hundred thousand.

Texas is among the most generous for wrongful convictions...in most cases

Yusuf,if ya don't like our justice system,simply stay out of it's jurisdiction.

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Yusuf,if ya don't like our justice system,simply stay out of it's jurisdiction.

Hilarious!! :ols::ols: Feel free to make light all you want but I happen to find depriving people of their liberty pretty damn serious. Even funnier considering your sigline. How much is a life worth after all?

I just have to wonder where all these people are with their rightous outrage and their sidearms when people like Graves and Willingham are being convicted and/or executed. How many of them do you think will show up armed and outraged to protest the actual, tangilble loss of a real human being's constitutional right to life, and liberty. :ols::ols::ols: Yeah, that's pretty funny alright. I guess liberty only matters in the abstract, huh?

How much are you willing to bet on a massive Tea Bagger protest in TX about this kind of thing? You or any of the other Tea Party types please feel free to PM me with any amount you feel like losing.

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LOL, that's truly funny twa, kinda funny in the same way that the justice system of the 1950's Mississippi was funny, "Don't like the way we do things here boy? Guess you ought to leave then."

The justice system you disparage freed him for retrial despite no evidence of innocence....as it should

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Compensation is still available if applicable

Funny ,"Anthony Graves had been convicted of Capital Murder by a jury in Angleton, Texas, and the conviction had been upheld by both the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and the United States Supreme Court—the latter by a 6-3 vote."

BUT enough doubt exists to order a retrial,that does not equal innocence.


Would you wish them to circumvent the law for him?


A letter e-mailed to Casarez from the comptroller’s office said the order dismissing the charges must say explicitly that Graves is innocent. Casarez said the office should have taken her client’s unique circumstances into consideration.

"I had spoken to so many people who seemed to think it was possible, I did get my hopes up and I am very disappointed," Casarez said.

The letter from the comptroller’s office said the court order must indicate "on its face" that it was granted "on the claimant’s actual innocence." Comptroller’s office spokesman R.J. Silva said the law did not allow for special consideration of the facts in Graves’ case.

the denial letter itself


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Can anyone tell me what court or judge exonerated him?...I'll wait

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