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Rest in peace, Former Cheerleader Ambassador Debbie Flores-Narvaez -- Updated with more details about her murder.


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The body of the former Redskins Cheerleader Ambassador has been found and her ex-boyfriend has been formally charged with her murder.

The body of missing Las Vegas dancer and former NFL cheerleader Deborah "Debbie" Flores-Narvaez has been found, and her ex-boyfriend was arrested Friday and charged with her murder, The Las Vegas Sun reported.

Jason "Blu" Griffith, 32, was being held in the Clark County Detention Center in Nevada without bail. Police say he is charged with killing Flores-Narvaez, a cast member of Luxor's "Fantasy" show, who was last seen leaving her Las Vegas apartment Dec. 12.

The 31-year-old was reported missing by her roommate two days later after she failed to show up for a dance practice and a show.

Police Lt. Lew Roberts said officers received a tip Friday morning that led to the discovery of the body downtown, but he refused to identify the exact location or condition of the body.

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Absolutely gut wrenching. So sorry for her friends and family.

Good looks and talent should not be a burden for young women. I am sure we can all guess the reason for the argument. Hope Nevada prosecutors go for the ultimate penalty. Anyone who would kill and then dismember? No reason for them to be among us.

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How absolutely awful, I feel terrible for her friends and family.

Seems this guy fancied himself a real tough guy - beating up a chick? Even more so, while she was pregnant?!? Ugghh, that makes me sick to even think about.

How was this dude not handled before, how was he still on the streets and free to walk around?

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