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DMV employee resigns over letter condemning customer to hell


Fire Mike and Kyle Shanahan?  

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(CNN) -- A California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) employee who allegedly wrote a letter to a transgender woman and condemned her to hell has resigned, officials said Thursday.

The employee, who worked for the DMV for two years, resigned Wednesday and will not receive benefits or unemployment, according to department spokesman Mike Marando.

"This in no way diminishes the severity of the situation," Marando said, adding officials believe the DMV employee's behavior was an isolated matter.

The attorney for the transgender woman said the employee should have been fired, instead of being allowed to resign.

Amber Yust told HLN's Jane Velez-Mitchell on Wednesday night that she got the letter after she went to a San Francisco DMV office in October and successfully changed her name from David to Amber and updated the gender on her license.

According to Yust and her attorney, the DMV employee used her confidential personal information to send the letter.

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So is the transgender woman a woman who trahsformed into a man or visa versa? I'm thinking visaversa based on the pic, but I honestly dont know.

Another question Ive always wondered is if its a man transforming into a woman, what is the point you have to call them the new gender? When do you say she rather than he?

Are there any transgenders on ES (besides zoony?)

sorry! JOKE! I wanted to try to be funny today! You know I think highly of ya zoon! Dont ban me!

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Well, it didn't take long for this to happen-

From the article.

"Dolan has filed a damage claim with the state, saying Yust suffered embarrassment and emotional distress. It asks for damages in excess of $25,000."

Whoop. There goes all of my sympathy for this guy, right out the window.

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My sister is named Mick.

Seriously. Just saying. :silly:

Then you must have one really super cool sister :)

---------- Post added December-18th-2010 at 12:37 AM ----------

If condemning people to hell is a resignation-worthy action, there are a whole lot of people who should be resigning from this board. :ols:

Not just this board, but from the DMV, as well.

The legendary customer service at the DMV is no secret, so I'm sure that lady was far from the first employee to tell a customer to go to ****

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I would assert that the "crime", here, isn't "poor customer service". It was "Using a customer's driver's license data to harass the customer later, at home."

That and "picking on a member of a protected minority group".

If that was directed at me, then my comment was a joke, and I also did not assert that the crime was bad customer service.

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