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  1. Hunter44

    Twitter: Raw Video of Intoxicated Jay Gruden Leaks

    If I was coaching this train wreck, I'd be drinking and getting high, too.
  2. Hunter44


    Starting where we left off. LOL Here comes a 3 and out.
  3. If the O is going 3 and out all the time because the line is getting blown up, that puts way to much pressure on the D to be effective.
  4. We paid 95 million for this?
  5. 41 is trash. Even the commentators are talking about every time he's on the field, that's where the ball is going.
  6. Hunter44

    The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    Naw, the POTUS said that he was told he can change the 14th by executive order so I guess the 2nd could be changed in the same way.
  7. Flight Marshall, Hogs 2.0, Capital Punishment....the list is long
  8. I think the "trust" thing is a excuse. We've seen enough play to know that Smith is just not accurate on many throws. I was at the game and that run was the nail in the coffin. Stadium emptied out after that! HTTR
  9. Hunter44

    Let's trade for Larry Fitzgerald

    Smith would still miss him. He can't hit our wide open receivers...
  10. Andy Reid punked us again. If 8-8 plus or minus was the expectation then we might as well have started McCoy.
  11. Hunter44

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"
  12. That's why he's, lil' Marco
  14. They may get run out of the prison and fall back to Morgan.
  15. Hunter44

    **** the Cowboys

    **** dallas!! Httr!!