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The world is coming to an end....(Cliff Lee)


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As a Yanks fan.... I knew he wasn't coming the minute 24-hours had passed after Cashman submitted the team's offer. Either you want to be a Yankee... AND want the largest contract offer on the table.... or you don't. You simply don't wait to think things over.. and contemplate other offers.. if that was your intention. Frankly, if I was Cashman... I would have pulled it off the table after 48 hours. I wouldn't get played like that. Not considering the investment you were willing to give to him... regarding length of contract and figures.

However, I will say, Lee made the best decision for himself. He's going to the National League.... where he can pad his stats. He's going to a team with an unprecedented pitching staff... and a roster that's loaded and meant to score runs.... in a weak division. And because he's just one ace of 4... he has no pressure..,. and he's going to be in the playoffs every year and in contention for a world series every year. Great situation for him... good choice.

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The Phillies better win 3 WS in the next 7 years. They are going to need the extra revenue to keep all their players.

And, you can never complain about the Yanks or Sox trying to buy championships anymore. Philly is now on par with NY and Bos. The rest of the country now hates you more, if that is possible.

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