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msnbc: Dude gets back at cheating girlfriend ... via Netflix ( with pic )


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Dude gets back at cheating girlfriend ... via Netflix


These days, even the least tech-savvy boyfriend or girlfriend can wreak revenge on a cheating lover with nasty Facebook posts, passive-aggressive Twitter tweets, or even previously private boudoir photos texted to every family member or friend.

It takes a cuckold of true imagination, and at least a passing knowledge of the Netflix movie-suggesting algorithm to strike out in a subtle and personal way, it wins the (somewhat horrified) admiration of Web community Reddit, the primordial ooze of current Internet creativity.

"My girlfriend cheated on me, so I rated movies in her netflix account until I reached the desired result," wrote Reddit user Contra3, who posted the above screen grab as evidence of his handiwork. For some commenters on Gizmodo, where Contra3's handiwork later appeared, this Netflix suggestion queue inspired more questions than it answered, that ran a little something like this:

"How does one game Netflix to make it suggest movies about skanks?"

"There's a movie called 'Whore?!' "

"Um…why is "Bambi" in the mix? (Did she kill his mother, too?)"

"Whatever happened to finding someone that looked just like her, [fornicating with] her, and dumping her for closure? Kids today have it so easy..."

Several were quick to call Photoshop shenanigans, but really gaming Netflix recommendations isn't hard to do if you just go through the site's movie catalog, giving high ratings to all movies with a common theme. And kids, cuckolds are a common Hollywood theme.

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Or, you could do what this guy did:

Husband set up Taser-style trap to prevent wife having affair

A jealous husband rigged up a home-made device similar to a police Taser on his front door to deter a neighbour he suspected was having an affair his wife.

Alan Fletcher, 51, booby-trapped his own house after developing doubts over the fidelity of his wife Pam.

A court heard Fletcher was "obsessed" that one of his neighbours was calling around to make love to his wife while he was at work.

He bought electrodes, circuit boards and wiring to make the home made device capable of zapping anyone who crossed his front door with up to 18,000 volts.

Click on the link for the full article

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Yeah, that's not really getting back at her. Getting back at her would be, oh I don't know, breaking up with her or something.

I disagree, that is the geek equivelent to getting even.. It's perfect.... He get's go home and bask in the adoration of all the minion geeks, and it's very likely his girlfriend will never realize she's been gotten even with.

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I have somehow seen all of those except "Slutty Summer" - which sounds awesome.

Well if you like Slutty Summer' date=' may I suggest other movies in this genre you might like, "Broke Back Mountain", "Johns", and anything on the logo channel :ols::ols::ols::ols:

Plot Summary for

Slutty Summer

Hunky writer Markus returns home to find his boyfriend of four years naked with another man. Newly single, he begins waiting tables at a swinging Chelsea hotspot where the indelible supporting cast of co-workers offers conflicting directions on the off-road map to love and lust in New York City. Peter insists on holding out for "the one", and Marilyn vows by her "dating commandments." Meanwhile, lascivious Luke promises the film its title by delivering firecracker quips on the joys of his sexcapades. He believes that sleeping around is the best medicine for a broken heart. Despite disillusion, Markus falls for gorgeous model Tyler who doesn't "do relationships" because how can you promise to love somebody forever? Surprising twists, and unlikely advice await, but by the end of one unforgettable SLUTTY SUMMER, happily ever after may just be the answer.


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Who says he didn't do all of that, too?

You just get the feeling that if he went to this much trouble, he's probably not very confrontational. I mean hell, have you ever heard that old story about the husband to be who discovers his bride to be and best man are banging? He has pictures taken of them and hides copies under every chair at the wedding, then cuts off the ceremony in the middle and tells everyone to look under their chair for the big reveal? I know versions of that were going around e-mail for years.

Anyway, even in that likely made up story, where he embarrassed the woman in front of her entire family, it ends with him telling her to loudly go **** herself and telling her dad she raised a slut, not to mentioned telling off his best man. I see no evidence of confrontation from this Netflix Avenger.

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