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Dallas Cowboys: Hype, Hype Hooray


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Awesome, this needs to be moved to ATN... I'm so sick of hearing those Cowboy fans over there claim they aren't overly hyped and aren't picked to win the Superbowl every year. Nevermind that if they aren't picked to win it all, they're at least picked to be in the playoffs/NFC championship game itself, lol!

They don't see how brainwashed they are.

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At least someone in the media finally sees it....

Oh, I think many of them see it. I think the fact of the matter, is the Pukes and their national "America's Team" band wagon fans, most of which couldn't name one player on their starting offense other than Romo sits to pee, or find Dallas, Texas on a map...are good for business.

Even if Bryant is half as great as fans think, he can't play left tackle. The Cowboys' offensive line is so old and fragile, Wilford Brimley should be hiking the ball to Romo sits to pee.
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