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Sage Rosenfels for Albert Haynesworth?

Tastes Like Chicken

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Then maybe you haven't been to practice/training camp or seen any of the plays in the preseason.... because Grossman looks really solid. Let's not forget he did take the Bears to the fricken SUPER BOWL!!

Everyone thinks Grossman sucks, or he's not good enough to be an NFL QB... I completely disagree. I think he's a better QB than a half a dozen starting QB's right now: Jake Delhomme, Matt Moore, Trent Edwards, Jason Campbell, Josh Freeman, Matt Cassell, Vince Young, and maybe even Jay Cutler with the way he played last season. I think 6-7 teams in the NFL right now would view Grossman as an improvement over their starting QB.

So to say Rosenfels would be better is a statement that couldn't be further from the truth... IMO

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I dont think I'd trade Rex Grossman for Sage Rosenfels. Grossman knows this system already (from his time in Houston, not just from camp so far).

Rex played well in the first preseason game too. Lets just hope DM can stay on the field all year, then we wont even have to worry about the back up.

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