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Babe Draft Wildcard #1: CALLED For Skinsfan2k, 2-1

Califan007 The Constipated

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damn...this is going to be tough.

i too will wait to see more pictoral evidence...im not going to be hasty.

the juliann hough vs carrie underwood battle is hard to choose.

Gotta agree. Those first two categories are going to be epic battles. I like Bell in the TV mom...but def need more pics in those first 2 matchups

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Ax gave this team a D??


He also said Aguilera was a dud in the sack. :ols: He still claims she is even though I pulled two articles about her neighbors complaining that she keeps them up at night, because she is to loud.:ols:

You girls get too hung up on my personal preference based grades.

I think both Kim and Carrie are overrated. But, I prefer them both over Megan and Julianne. Which is why I picked the "D" team to win this particular match.

And, AguAirbrush screaming at her husband because he's blocking the view of herself in the mirror would irritate anybody, especially her neighbors.

She's a skank.

Tammy Faye Baker with dance moves.

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