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Change of Pace Thread (means fun thread in case u didn't know): who wins in a fight


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Fletcher vs. Recognition

Smoot vs. Retirement

Landry vs. 15 yard penalties

Horton vs. Hair Clippers

Betts vs. Trade Block

Campbell vs. The English Language

McIntosh vs. PC

Portis vs. Gravity

Kelly vs. Combs

Devin Thomas vs. Rod Gardner

Zorn vs. Multiple Demotions

Bugel vs. Botox

Rogers vs. Buttered Bricks

Haynesworth vs. IR

Carter vs. Creatine

Cerrato vs. Good Work

Snyder vs. Himself

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Campbell vs. The English Language

Rogers vs. Buttered Bricks


How about Phillip Daniels(Tortoise) vs Hare

Deangelo Hall vs Ego

Portis vs Mouth+Foot

Mike Williams vs All you can Eat Chinese Buffet

Dockery vs Pre Snap Jitters

Play Action Pass vs Run Left on 4th and 1

Jason Campbell vs Historically Dreadful Obscure Records

Jim Zorn vs his 5 Plays

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