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Week 2 Insomniac's Thread: Rams @ Redskins


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Don't see Toe Jam on yet, so I figured I'd go ahead and start this thang on up!! We lost last week after he started it, so lets start fresh here.


Drunks, morons, even Park City Skins; ALL WELCOME!!!! Come on Redskins, lets bounce back this week!


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Insomniac's? I know I have been on the left for awhile but it is only 9:30 back East on a Saturday night - You should still be awake :munchout:. ;)

Rams will help the Skins by bleating themselves as well as taking the beating.


Oh I'll be going hard into the wee hours of the morning.

Someone say drunks are allowed? I'll see ya'll here in a couple hours :)

As long as you don't pick on me, ANYONE can enter!!


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So who's stripping down, oiling up and going sliding down the big hill first?

I tell you what, I know he just got beat for a TD, but that Boykin from Georgia really impresses me. He had a good game last week too..

This game has been fun to watch thus far.

I just think Boykin has a great name :laugh: (perfect smiley for that)

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Fellas, I'm sorry but it's as good as a loss. The Skins fortune is tied to how the Terps do (about two-three years worth of history here) the day before and my Terps loss today to a team we shoulda beaten...and lost to last year.

That's all I'm gonna say and well...I feel bad about tomorrow :(

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