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  1. People do realize that the the name was changed in Boston back in 1933 to honor of Head Coach William Henry Dietz...or by his Sioux name; Lone Star Dietz...
  2. Black & Tan....Guinness & Bass mixed to the appropriate proportions. (i.e. 2 parts Bass to 1 part Guinness). Chill both to 45 degrees. Bass first with Guinness poured over the top so it sinks in and rains over the top. A balanced brew plus it gives the perfect amount of head. No arguments.
  3. Guinness + Bass = Black and Tan. Served at 45 degrees. Do not know if you have much Bass out there. There has been some attempts at smothering it by Guinness since they were purchased by Anheuser-Busch by not supplying Guinness to places that served Bass.
  4. The current choice goes back to Gibbs who thought that the all White uni's gave an advantage early in the season due to temperature and forcing the opposing team into their 'dark' colors would tend to overheat the players. So, how hot is a Monday night at the end of October these days anyway? Of course, I have not lived out there in a while so maybe global warming has shot the temp's up to 90's or above or something... No disrespect, but not all of Gibbs ideas would work so well these days. If it ain't broke don't fix it, but if IS... Show our true colors - Burgundy & Gold
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