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PTI- Wilbon during commercial


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Ok maybe this is a "no need" thread, but im assuming Wilbon is a redskins fan, and you know when PTI goes on commercial break, they go back to PTI where Wilbon and Korn discuss about random things while waiting to be AIRd again. Well Korn asked their D looked good, and Wilbon yelled, "they need to change Offense cause their Offense Coordinator STINKS!"

Now reason why i brought this up is because, it always seem like us fan notice the problems, but nothing ever seem to get solved, but it seems like everyone can SEE the horrid play calling. Hopefully Zorn can take advantage at home against a weak team, to practice some of those big plays.

I thought it was pretty interesting what Wilbon said, but if this thread is useless, just delete it. (since we have threads coming in left and right)

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Like him or not, Wilbon is a great journalist. I don't agree with his stance on ST, but you shouldn't agree with what people say 100% of the time anyway.

Wilbon is neither great, nor a journalist. He is just another opinionated sportswriter among many undistinguished and opinionated sportswriters.

His stance on ST was an early reaction, based on his opinions, without the benefit of facts or time. Once he was exposed for his misinterpretation of the circumstances of ST's murder, he was nether man enough or journalist enough to apologize and admit his error.

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