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  1. Redskins fans! I am in Fort Lauderdale and I need to be able to watch the game from my phone at the beach! What are my options to watch? Worst case, options to listen on the radio/radio app? Thank you in advance!
  2. Arriving at arena drive at 7 am. Hanging out until they open the gates at 9. Setting up the tailgate. Having a great time with great food, great drinks and great people. Head to the stadium at 12:30. Walk inside and see the team coming out for starting line ups on the green field. Greatest feeling out there
  3. One of the best days of the year is Season Ticket delivery day!
  4. Tickets will be sent out over the next few days. They are being sent directly from the printers on Arkansas.
  5. What do Jordan Reed, Trent Williams, Ryan Kerrigan and Kirk Cousins all have in common besides being our four best players? They were all drafted by Mike Shanahan. He missed a lot of draft picks. But those 4 are the heart of this team and Pro Bowl players. Just wanted to give the man his credit.
  6. I got banned from Xbox Live last week. How long do these things last? I can't join parties, or play online. Kind of defeats the purpose of the device. Anyone been down this road before?
  7. Each individual player chooses if their sleeves are tight, or loose. Also, players wear shoulder pads underneath.
  8. According to the rookie headshot photos taken today, there is no change in the collar of the burgundy home jersey, from last year.
  9. My point is, why is a non season ticket holder, posting in a thread about renewing season tickets. I got my season tickets in 2000. Section 442 row 29. You could see the parking lot better than you could see the field. I was 20 years old and proud to have season tickets in my name. Now? Still proud. I have four tickets and two green passes. I keep getting closer to the field every year and I am currently sitting 13 rows from the 40 yard line. Now repeat after me: I don't have season tickets, and I should not be posting in any thread that is about
  10. They could easily determine who's tickets they are by seat location.
  11. And I have ZERO problem with you selling your tickets to another Skins fan, for profit or not. The problem lies with these ticket brokers that buy a season ticket package from someone at, below or over cost and totally rape people online with the prices. Check eBay around the Cowboys game. Those tickets go for double. Some stupid cowboy fan, who hasn't even been to Dallas will spend half his paycheck to go to FedEx. That's not attractive to the Redskins. They will get the same amount of money from whatever season ticket holder buys them. That's being said, i
  12. Selling your season tickets on StubHub is quite different than selling your entire season ticket package for a profit on eBay. To think they would not want to stop that is foolish.
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