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WHAT IF....Kelly,Thomas & Davis .....???? *** a how would you feel thread***


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WHAT IF.....

Kelly, Thomas & Davis gelled this season and helped us go 13-3 like the madden simulation.... WOULD YOU STILL WANT TO FIRE CERRATO or START HAVING HIM OVER FOR DINNER?????

WHAT IF......

We lined up Kelly & Mitchell as our wideouts and put Santana in the slot.....WOULD THAT MAKE DEFENSES CRINGE???? .... Moss would have a field day!

Ever just sit there thinkin bout our skins and just imagined??? I know I cant be the only one.... you got some WHAT IF'S???? How bout this one that I think WE ALL feel.......



sheesh ...... im getting my blood pumpin now!!! lol

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You know why i think we all hate the RAVENS..is because they have the best Safety to EVER play the game. And then we finally had our future HOF to take the safety position to another level..literally.

back on topic....

What if we converted fedEX field into a DOME?

What if Vinny wasnt our GM, would we have the players we do now?

What if Sean Taylor never got injured?

What if weed was legal?...oh, only about the redskins?

What if every FA that we signed panned out? Would we have become a dynasty?

What if both JC and TC get injured? :paranoid::paranoid:

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Oh c'mon lighten up. I like the first two What Ifs. And I don't think they are what ifs, they are whens. I am pumped to watch F. Davis on the field with Cooley and pose some match up problems. I think guys like Kelly and Mitchell will catch some of those less than accurate Campbell passes. And nothing against James Thrash but if Moss goes down with his usual midseason hamstring injury I feel alot better this year about who's filling in.


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What if I got the two minutes of my life back I spent reading and posting about this thread....Oh well...

On a related note:

What if we had a DeLorean with a working time flux capacitor and an unlimited supply of plutonium...

Oh...the places we'd go...

Now where are those Libyans?

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It's going to take a lot more than one 13-3 season for me to have Vinny over for dinner.

He'd probably scare my wife to death with those bugeyes and we can't have that as she will be seven months prego with my first redskins fan by the time the season ends.


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You guys are harsh...lol

I feel the poster. I mean no so much the Sean thing..that was tragic but not a possibility. But the other things are...even if remotely.

I mean before Darrell Green, Art Monk, The Hogs etc. came along who thought a 5'9" corner from some small school would be a HOF and one of the best DB's of all time.

Or that Joe Gibbs would come back out of retirement...maybe it didn't turn out so well but I didn't think it'd even happen.

Who knows what Marko, Devin, Malcolm, Fred Davis, etc. will do or become. We can't suck forever lol the Skins have been pretty mediocre for years...and it's been tough...but one of these years something has to give, and fall together and click right? Unless you're a fan of the Detroit Lions then I don't know. lol At least they had Barry for a few years I guess.

I'd just love to have a serious pro caliber offense that could hang 30 on an opponent...be a threat, be feared, vaunted...opposing. etc etc. I guess regardless of the type of team..or how it's done..just to go to the playoffs with regularity and make it to the Superbowl. Obviously wining it would be the ultimate. I just hope to see it happen again in my lifetime...I was in my teens for the last one.

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