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  1. Matchup we need to avoid is Chicago. Thibs would have a field day
  2. It's purely a cosmetic issue, but does anyone know why this is still around? I guess I don't understand why this logo that is not on our uniforms or really even present in the Verizon Center is still used on basically every major NBA-related website or television production.
  3. I argue that Ernie and Randy will get canned if this team doesn't show up in the playoffs. To me, "showing up" is 2 wins, meaning avoiding the 7th and 8th seeds completely. If we land the 4th, 5th or 6th seed, we need 2 wins against Chicago, Brooklyn and Toronto. No short order, especially with Nene's annual non contact injury
  4. Grunfeld seems to do that. Maybe it's because he's lazy? He signed Maynor the first afternoon of FA, wouldn't even give Kendall Marshall a look.
  5. This team had Kendall Marshall...same handle, better passer 15 years younger. This is the WORST FO in the NBA
  7. Vesely and Maynor (2 of Grunfeld's greatest hits) for Andre Miller in the works. Makes me angry. The 2013 and 2011 drafts have gotten us NOTHING
  8. Andre miller got suspended for conduct detrimental to team. Could Ernie possibly swing a deal and bring a solid backup PG and erase the Maynor mistake?
  9. I wish we had Brad Stevens. I feel like stevemcqueen's sig could be replaced with Brad Stevens and Randy Wittman.
  10. The Players that should be compared are Crawford and Maynor. How does that look right now?
  11. At the end of the day, despite how great John Wall can be, this is a Grunfeld-built team and the ceiling will remain mediocrity until he is removed. His competence as a manager is the worst of all DC sports teams by a mile, even below Shanahan, which is saying something. Coaching? Sucks. Bench? nonexistent. Scouting? Besides being gift wrapped Wall and Beal, nothing. Trades? Nene will never play a full season. Crawford? I don't care how much of a malcontent he was, he has talent and we got a torn ACL for him. Rubio for Miller and Foye? Haha. Webster is the only savvy move I've seen him ma
  12. probably has more to do with the circus and the seemingly unending stream of media gold coming from ashburn more than the record.
  13. Porter played one summer league game and missed basically all team activity for 3 months with whatever ailment he had. A contingency plan should have been developed for him, while he was out and while he was playing catchup. Harrington, a high mileage 33 year old whom nobody wanted, who missed basically all of last season, who was signed in August for the vet minimum, was supposed to be the "scoring punch?" And he's missed basically all of this season and is having surgery. Who woulda thought that would happen? I'll give you webster. He's the only legit bench player in washington. Othe
  14. Contenders have very good to at least competant bench players. There is a drop off in talent when the starters are out, but not a huge one. With this team, the disparity in ability between starters and the bench is always enormous. When has this team ever had a serviceable bench?
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