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Redskins Cheerleaders Introduce 2009-10 Squad!


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Sorry, but Tracey is a spoiled *****. I know her personally. I'm kind of disappointed that the Redskinettes are accepting that type of quality people on the squad.

The same could probably be said about Ashley W. I had a friend who was in the same high school class with her. It would not surprise me one bit that most of these girls are spoiled ****es. However, all they need to bring to the table is dance moves and looks.

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All right gentleman and gentlewoman here are the rookies for this year. Who do you like? :D

33582.jpg 33575.jpg 33568.jpg 33561.jpg

Amanda :helmet: Ana :helmet: Ashley A. :helmet: Ashley T.

33554.jpg 33547.jpg 33540.jpg 33533.jpg

Ashley W. :helmet: Donna :helmet: Lacie :helmet: Malyndah

33526.jpg 33519.jpg 33512.jpg 33507.jpg

Sarita :helmet: Sheriden :helmet: Tecoya :helmet: Tracey

From this group I would have to go with Ashley W. :)

And if you don't like any of the new ones then who do you like that is still on the sqaud. :D

Im sorry - did you say something......

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