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Redskins Cheerleaders Introduce 2009-10 Squad!


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All right gentleman and gentlewoman here are the rookies for this year. Who do you like? :D

33582.jpg 33575.jpg 33568.jpg 33561.jpg

Amanda :helmet: Ana :helmet: Ashley A. :helmet: Ashley T.

33554.jpg 33547.jpg 33540.jpg 33533.jpg

Ashley W. :helmet: Donna :helmet: Lacie :helmet: Malyndah

33526.jpg 33519.jpg 33512.jpg 33507.jpg

Sarita :helmet: Sheriden :helmet: Tecoya :helmet: Tracey

From this group I would have to go with Ashley W. :)

And if you don't like any of the new ones then who do you like that is still on the sqaud. :D

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I think it was him. They have a rule called the Redskins rule now. It forbids the home teams cheerleaders to stretch and warm in the visiting teams tunnel.

Apperently, our beautiful cheerleaders have been going above the call of duty and trying take the opposing teams head out of the game.

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Definitely a few hotties there.

Hello Ashley!

However, much of the bottom two rows could use some work.

I suggest we contact Tampa Bay, and try to work out some minimum + incentives deal.

Edit: After further review, it also appears that we have the smallest chested group in the league.

In addition to the Tampa negotiations, I am proposing a rigorous course of augmentation into our system.

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