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Sen. Barbara Boxer's tiff with Brig. Gen. Walsh


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We could ban him on that one for a "troll" if ya want :laugh:

Ha, well I just hate such gross misconceptions...us women don't need to PMS as our excuses to be crazy yetoches! :laugh:

It's not a big deal (the topic). In many business and government circles, it is common in a formal setting to make sure you use titles (at least the first few times in a conversation) if someone has one, and not simply use "sir' or "ma'am" as an honorific. It's a still-existing and common faux paus for old farts to get caught calling males by the one manner (title) and females by the other (ma'am)--which ain't part of the story here, but maybe it happens a lot on the Hill, I dunno.

Agree that this wasn't really a big deal at all. And if I were him I'd have handled it the same way and moved on like he did.

But there's just something about title corrections and that air of superiority that is displayed in corrections that just irks me. Unless it's some little punk intentionally being disrespectful, it's not worth it to be pompous like that...IMO.

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The General showed himself to be a better person in that clip.

Getting into a pissing match, with an arrogant Senator, does neither him, the Army, or the Country any good.

very true, even when being insulted (note his facial expression when he is interrupted, he was able to keep his military bearing. professional in all ways.
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