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Need some wedding gift advice


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Ok, so I'm stuck over here in Iraq and I'm going to end up missing my Step-brother's wedding.

They're registered at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. My step-mom says they need/want a vacuum. Any ideas? I'm willing to throw down some money on this, especially if I make it their Xmas present as well.

At the same time, I never got my step-sister a wedding present. This is partly because they didn't tell me until it was two months after. And partly because, well, I was too busy to do it.

My step mom says my step-sister needs kitchen stuff and here theme is red (no, Redskins stuff is not an option). Any ideas?

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Cash... no gifts. The most important thing a young couple needs is money to start their new life. I dont understand giving presents half the time the wedding gifts they get they really never use just see my attic.

I agree if you do not know the perfect gift,that way they get what they need or want.

That's what I'm doing for my son's,it seems less personal or thoughtful but most practical with the distance and not knowing enough detail.

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