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Jansen signs with Detroit

The Rook

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Detroit huh?

Nice for him to wind up his career back home. Guess he's got about the same chance of getting to the show there as here. (And that's not to say were as bad as the Lions, before anyone jumps. Just saying neither ball club is Lombardi bound anytime soon.).

All the best in the "Motor City" JJ. (Except in week 3 next year that is.).


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I read in the Detroit news that he was offered the chance to retire as a Redskin, but he said he wanted to play. So, they released him.

In Detroit, they seem pretty positive about it. Janson said he is looking forward to playing the Redskins in week three. We'll see what happens.

What will the Janson haters on this site do now? Do they keep taking shots at him? Do they let it go and turn on some other Redskin? Do they become nice people? Do they turn to the positive?

I've seen a lot of one sentence condemnations of Janson on this site. Not much substance. A lot of heat, but not much light. Is that a pattern for these folks?

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I wish Jon Jansen nothing but the best in Detroit, except in going against the Redskins, of course. Jansen definitely did what he could do to help the Washington Redskins during his 10 year stint in D.C. Unfortunately, the Redskins releasing Jansen was a tough, business decision to make; I'm sure that it surprised some Redskins fans, including myself.

Yep. Surprised me as well. It's never easy to let someone go when they've been on the team for so long. Though, I think it was the right decision for the team to move on. Injuries have caught up with him and he's just not the player he used to be. Still, I wish him the best...

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