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  1. Wittman lost the team last season. Had to expect anything other than plain sailing this season would see it show again, as now. Which new coach is gonna swing KD coming?
  2. So in 2014 a guy from the 2013 draft had been considered one of the bigger busts from said draft? Did this hold true for people who know anything about sports?
  3. KD will get superstar calls from the officials and will also have a kind of rose tinted glasses effect for the rest of the team in that regard as well. Worth a bunch of cash to get some helpfull officiating.....
  4. From my perspective signing KD brings more than just the on court stuff but my assumptions may be incorrect. I'm under the impression Washington isn't big on their NBA team? Won't there be a 'KD effect' when he signs, with ticket sales jumping (as well as the increase in merchandising) and the Wizards being talked about by Washingtonians as their team? As an aside when is the name changing back (will it...)?
  5. Sad state of affairs when a club like Liverpool are reduced to 'stepping stone' status that young players will come to in the hopes of getting a high enough profile to get a transfer to a team that has a chance at the EPL/Champions league trophies.
  6. I don't think he's a max deal player right now, might become one might not. I do think he's already worthy of the percentage of cap he will be taking when it goes up, if given a max deal now. No lose or win imo to re up early (if he will). Either he's really good and will be on a decent contract for both sides if that is what he tops out at, or he becomes the super star I expect and we have him cheap. Not sure how that would play re: KD though and that imo is important. Imagine the profile of BB in Washington if KD joins a good team... EDIT: and I think the team will have to be
  7. I'm vocally optimistic we'll be bringing Pierce back, we have the young legs to limit his minutes per game during the regular season and those young legs need play time too. Win - win.
  8. Adding another guy with the athletiscism to run with Wall is a big picture move, as is not trying to draft a big when the form book says EG isn't good at that (and our squad isn't strong enough to take that chance right now imo). He does have form for wings so fingers crossed this one works out too. From the little I've now seen Oubre is aggressive and is good below and above the rim, if he works out a good addition (play style) to John's team.
  9. I assumed the post was a joke when I first read it, and I still do now.
  10. Fantastic game to watch. Team play at a high level as well as Porter still believing.
  11. No problem. We had a huge lay off, the Hawks came out and played like you would expect and it still took half time adjustments to turn the game. At the level a team with Wall, Beal, Porter and Gortat is I expect to be ready out of the blocks and to make good adjustments. We are the team that needs big performances from our starters, when they come through we have a shot in a game because they are legit. Nene can take over at times. If we're keeping Wittman we need to add another max contract that can score at will on their own and keep together the Wall, Beal, Porter trio we as fan
  12. Good start to draft week (it's Monday morning here) and great experience. Team is riding high.
  13. We outworked the Bulls and didn't have the energy left to beat a good team who weren't worn down. Wittman wasn't bad, like this series so far, but he wasn't good. We didn't win because of his coaching. Like this series, so far, we didn't lose because of Wittman's coaching is how it looks to me. Nobody can play through to win it all having to put in the physical effort every game that we do. Can't believe some of the positive words being said about Wittman. He hasn't done anything positive not mentioned multiple times months ago in this very thread. He gets out of the way and some p
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