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Yahoo! Sports-Pro Football Weekly's 2009 NFL PREDICTIONS


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Looks like PFW hooked up with Yahoo Sports! to do their annual this year.

Here's their predictions:

*- Wild CARD


1. Pats: 13-3

2. Dolphins: 9-7*

3. Bills: 7-9

4. Jets: 7-9


1. Steelers: 11-5

2. Ravens: 8-8

3. Bengals: 6-10

4. Browns: 5-11


1. Colts: 10-6

2. Titans: 10-6*

3. Texans: 8-8

4. Jags: 6-10


1. Chargers: 11-5

2. Raiders: 5-11

3. Chiefs: 5-11

4. Broncos: 5-11



1. Giants: 12-4

2. Eagles: 10-6*

3. Boys: 9-7*

4. Skins: 8-8


1. Bears: 9-7

2. Vikings: 9-7

3. Packers: 8-8

4. Lions: 3-13


1. Panthers: 11-5

2. Saints: 9-7

3. Falcons: 9-7

4. Bucs: 4-12


1. Cards: 9-7

2. Hawks: 9-7

3. 49ers: 6-10

4. Rams: 5-11

Superbowl XLIV: Pats over Giants

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No way the CowGirls get in at 9-7, especially if there are that many other teams in the NFC at 9-7. I hate the way the media over-hypes the Girls all the time. Weren't they supposed to win the Super Bowl last year? And did they even make the playoffs? I don't think so!!!!!





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I have to agree about Washington. The only logical prediction to make for them every year is 8-8. This doesn't mean they can't surprise me in either direction but they are basically a perpetual 50/50 team. :(

NY has lost Plax but I'd only remove one win from their 2008 record for that. Philly will rebound nicely this season and is my pick to win the division. I think Dallas will go 8-8 and the Skins record vs. Dallas will determine if they can go above .500.

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Wow. Let's see here... the NFC East teams records are the EXACT same (except for Philly with 9-6-1) as they were this year. That's definitely being bold.

Bad rankings through and through. And lol at five 9-7 teams and Dallas gets in.

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The only thing off season predictions are good for is to sell papers during the off season.

Two years ago, everyone was predicting the Giants to be in the cellar of the NFC east, including most of ATN. Look at how great those predictions were.

(Its really difficult to get a coherent thought out with R2000's sig doing jumping jacks on my screen)

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As much as I detest the Panthers, I don't see any reason why they can't go 11-5. Hope they go 5-11, though.:evilg:

Well in that division, usually the worst team (last year it was the Saints) become the best team. And doesn't that division face the NFC East this year? That in itself should make this year rough for them.

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