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Kewl Redskins Vids to get us through the offseason


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I finally got the software I needed to download Redskin games and specials. I have games from back to 1987, including the Superbowls, and now my fellow fans can have them as well. I will add great moments as I copy them, enjoy!

Portis first run as a Skin


Darrell Green, fastest man in NFL


Darrell Green runs the 40 in 4.2 at the age of 40 years old

Midnight miricle in Dallas


Hand of God vs Dallas


1972 NFC Championship Redskins vs Cowboys


1982 NFC Championship Redskins vs Cowboys


Redskins first TD drive in 1982 NFC Championship. "Riggins, Fun Bunch"


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That miracle at midnight game was amazing. I remember running around my apartment screaming and the look on my room mates face when he woke up and walked out of his room. Gives me chills thinking about it again. I would love to see something like that happen again this season.

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Thanks for posting these; while I can't access them at work I remember them all vividly.

I still remember the Midnight Miracle feelings I had because after I ran around my apartment going crazy I remember going outside on my balcony and hearing it all over my neighborhood. people were outside screaming. To this day, I'm not entirely certain if it was Dallas fans crying or Skins fans rejoicing :)

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I was at that 82 C-ship game. It still ranks as the best sporting event I have ever attended. I was 13 years old and that game solidified my love for the Skins. The crowd was unbelievable. The good old days when the crowd knew what home field advantage is. Not like that abysmal hole of a stadium we play in now.

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