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ESPN: Bloggers' mock draft: Stafford to Mack


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Bloggers' mock draft: Stafford to Mack

April 22, 2009

ESPN.com put its eight NFL divisional bloggers on the clock for a quick run through the draft's first round. The eight-man mock produced a few potential surprises -- Mark Sanchez lasting until Denver at No. 12 comes to mind -- and ample fodder for debate.

Each blogger made the call for the teams in his division.

13. Brian Cushing OLB USC

The Redskins try to move up to take Sanchez, but can't find a partner. They wanted Aaron Maybin, but Cushing will give them an immediate starter on the strong side. -- MM

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I think Sanchez goes 4 and all the big tackles plus Orakpo are gone at 13. We end up trading back with say the Jets who want the last if the 1st round QBs and we take Cushing or maybe Rey at around 19.

I'm hoping Oher or Orakpo are still there at 13.

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Why is everyone hating on Cushing? Hes a friggin beast. I agree we shouldnt take him at 13, and we should trade down if we were to aquire him.....but everyone seems to be acting like this guy is a chump.

This is the problem the skins are in.....there is a good chance all 4 tackles, Orakpo, and Sanchez are ALL gone at 13. Thirteen is a TERRIBLE spot to be in. What if we dont have ANY trade down suiters at all? Then who do we take?

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