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  1. You mean you didn't buy Frodo and Jax as leaders of the West Ham firm?
  2. Watching the Donal McIntyre documentary "Hooligan". Very entertaining and informative. Sean Bean is an awesome narrator too.
  3. "Hey now that's a little over the top" Walt Disney on the Cleveland Indians logo.
  4. Ambrose would make a great "bad guy" face main eventer in my eyes. Too bad he'll probably have to turn heal at some point to push Reigns.
  5. They're not established enough as faces to directly participate but they could tell him they're not going to protect him and when the s hits the f he runs screaming from the ring. That or he could just do an opening segment with it and later on they come out and mock him or something. He loves to self depricate and admittedly I just want to see it.
  6. What are the chances of Kevin Hart coming out in a Shield get up? That'd be right up there with any guest appearance WWE has ever had.
  7. Him and Sean O'Hara could have had some great matches.
  8. Well I guess they're turning Ambrose tonight. I still say he could have been a babyface main eventer.
  9. I still think he needs Ambrose on the mic before he's solidified in the title picture. If he had Ambrose's mic skills he'd be a legend in waiting.
  10. They can't possibly leave Reigns without a mouthpiece can they? Ambrose should get more promos too and at the end of the day I'll go out on a limb and say he'll be a bigger babyface star than Reigns will.
  11. Forget Vince McMahon buying them out at this point Santino may be able to make a succsesfull bid.
  12. It was the Portuguese media I believe that coined that term in the first place after they won a couple of youth tourneys.
  13. Next time include a disclaimer if you post something and have rules concerning what is and what is not an acceptable response. That would however somewhat defeat the purpose of a message board. On the bright side you did help me remember what a fantastic player Paulo Sousa was.
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