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Getting To Know You - The Honorary Hog

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Getting To Know You - The Honorary Hog

Today, we have a distinguished guest from our online forum - Honorary Hog. Let's take a moment and get to know this interesting individual.

Coming from the rolling hills of western Maryland, H_H (as he is known to friends, family, loved ones, and a few jerks) was an ambitious soul who graduated with the highest of honors from his high school in the sleazy town of Cumberland. Ok, it wasn't the highest of honors. Ok - H_H barely got by, but he did graduate.

After many interviews for minimum wage jobs, our beloved H_H had no luck and decided to take his skills and talent to the United States Army. At boot camp, H_H became a favorite of the drill sergeant due to his dedication and superior skills. Ok, he got yelled at a lot. Ok, he was often called "Bill Murray" - a vague, but flattering reference to the character in Stripes.

H_H was assigned to top secret duties and received many awards for valor, honor, and duty. Ok, he received some recognition for making sure the base commander had a warm cup of coffee each morning. After a period of dedicated service to his country, H_H returned to his roots and pursued a career in law enforcement.

Today, H_H is head of security for a top notch firm and commutes daily from his home in West Virginia. Ok, we're not sure about his job title, but residents in central and western Maryland feel safer. Ok, his crossing guard duties are genuinely appreciated.

And that concludes today's episode of Getting to Know You. Our thanks to Honorary Hog.

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That was downright horrifying in its accuracy. :ols:

Now I have to wonder who YOU actually are, Ken. ;)


Oh my lord, I thought Ken got taken hostage by "the government." Is he back now? Did they implant some sort of a device in his brain to control his behavior?

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