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who would you rather have, Leigh Torrence or Deangelo Hall


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It's not as straight forward as Torrence or Hall. Torrence isn't going to be missed all that much, and Hall is definitely a better player. So player to player, Hall wins The problem is what happens to the continuity when Torrence leaves. I'm not saying will, but Torrence leaving could cause more problems than Hall fixes. If that happens, i'd rather Torrence.

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I've yelled Torrence's name in disgust too many times in the preseason and regular season to want to keep doing so.... so I have to admit I'm happy in getting Hall, especially since it is noted that his skills are a great fit for our defense unlike with the Raiders.

Hopefully Hall can find stability here and be a standout player again.

Its regrettable because the players were getting used to Leigh... but sometimes you don't want to be the team that pays the price for someone learning their lessons.

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I feel bad for politician Leigh too, but I don't trust the guy on his own. That Rams game really sticks with me. Imagine if at the end of the year the skins lose out on winning the division or god prevent the playoffs, I will look right at that game and at Torrence for not covering that Rookie WR.

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How about waiting to see how Hall performs for us first.

His trips to Hawaii don't mean jack since he didn't do any of that here.

This is my feeling, too...Hall could end up being a bust here, and dropping Torrence for him wouldn't look like too smart a move. Unless Tryon is just REALLY showing things to the coaches behind the scenes, I would have preferred them moving him to the practice squad (if that's possible).

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They have 4 cover corners. That is enough. Mike Green is needed for depth at safety.

With Hall coming on board that opens the opportunity for Springs to play some safety. Mike Green was a stop gap, besides if not Green it should have been Tyron. Oh ! Sorry, Vinny wouldn't let that happen.

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why do you say that? because we like his character better then hall's? because we dont trust hall to play well and think he is overrated?

More down to the fact that Hall has way more up-side on the face of it.

Younger, WAY more naturally gifted, and for a player that has been in the league a mere year longer than Torrence, way more consistent through out his career.

I really don't get the character issue thing. Most all his ex-team mates, form both Atlanta and Oakland, speak REAL highly of him, STILL. He lost it in Atlanta after the HEAD COACH threw the whole team under the bus for Pete's sake, and the less said about the comedy organisation that is the Oakland Raiders under Al Davis the better.

Good job Coach Gibbs didn't cast aside #21 through his early "character issues" huh?

Time will tell, I may be totally wrong and if I am, you have my blessing to bring this back up, but I applaud the FO in what I firmly believe will turn out to be a fantastic free agent pick-up for many years to come. We have a top class corner, who is finally in a top class locker room, back home, at HIS boyhood team. It's in Halls hands to succeed or fail.

He'll never get a better opportunity.


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