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  1. I thought maybe there was a URL change due to the team's name change and that I had completely missed all notices about it. Did a google search for last 24 hours and came up with a thread on the /r/washingtonNFL subreddit asking if the board was down, it was showing that it was deleted (by the reddit mods? do they hate any mention of this forum?) but that was enough to confirm to me that I wasn't the only one wondering why the site was down.
  2. Jerry Rice was one of the greats because during his exercise regimen he would go for a run so long that a rookie that asked for and was thrilled to join his workout was reduced to throwing up on the side of the road. Rice pushed himself harder than most other WRs during his time, and that made the difference. I am a firm believer that this competition is healthy for the team, especially since Heineke looked great in camp and isn't allowing any room for Fitzpatrick to become complacent.
  3. I recall reading that Rivera didn't like that there was a lack of a real QB competition last year, that it was a mistake for Haskins to be crowned the starter with Kyle Allen the backup. After getting Fitzpatrick to compete with Heineke and Allen for the starting position, why would he follow that up with announcing a starter now? It is better this way.
  4. Chase Young and Montez Sweat must be the type who immediately play the game they just bought for their console without reading the manual, sheesh. If they had read their manual they'd have noticed the tidbit stating that missing OTAs confer an irreversible -10% reduction in their effectiveness for the whole season. Such noobs!
  5. I want a team that can play in the cold, especially when a playoff game is on the line.
  6. You're thinking of Tevin Mitchel. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tevin_Mitchel I was pissed when the Colts poached him, but since he never succeeded in the NFL it turned out that we didn't lose anything after all.
  7. My god, those legs! If you guys hadn't mentioned it I'd have thought I was watching an altered video at first, it's so hilarious! I hope he finds a place on this team if only for the fantastic highlight videos!
  8. Miami's pick traded to Las Vegas traded to Jets traded to Kansas City is what I'm seeing.
  9. When Flowers left he said he loved being here, but since he was a native of Miami (grew up there) he couldn't turn down going there. Anyways, glad to have him back for a simple 7th round swap and on a fantastic deal!
  10. It's their agents talking when it takes forever (or never) to reach a deal. The player could put a stop to that and just sign right away to be loyal to the team, but it's not like teams are loyal to players when it conflicts with the goal of winning... so I can't fault players for looking out for themselves. Kirk Cousins, Trent Williams, Brandon Scherff... I've been annoyed with them while it happens but in the end I just let it go.
  11. (He=Joe Barry) Whenever he gets interviewed for the job he must be a master at it, because the coaches who hire him act like they'd run through a brick wall with how excited they seem about his plans.
  12. Last thing I wanted was us throwing away draft picks on the hope that a failing QB was magically going to turn out well... I'd rather spend it in the draft itself if we're going to go for one. So I'm good with this move.
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