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Barber can be a game changing back...

Let's put it this way... if I was creating a team from scratch I would take Barber over Jacobs.

then you'd be silly to do so

Barber is not a "game changer", and as the feature back he's not lived up anywhere near his hype, and Dallas has played 5 of the 10 worst rush defenses so far and Barber has only 2 games of 100 yards or more, and a 4.0 YPC avg.

against 3 top 10 rush defenses his YPC avg.'s where 3.5, 3.3, 2.8

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Good point but if you remember when the Redskins were making that run to the playoffs and Saunders was calling a lot of plays with CP catching a lot of balls on screens and such, he looked great. It was similar to the same kind of offensive plays that Westbrook runs.

As far as when the line shuts down, so does CP, you are right to a point but the same goes for Westbrook, if not more.

The only difference being that Westbrook is getting all of those yards off of screens and dump off passes. That's a lot different than having to find a hole behind a bunch of 300 pound monsters in the backfield, something that Westbrook was never very good at and CP will keep pounding until either the o-line creates some holes or CP eventually finds them.

All good points, so I'll just stop arguing and go ahead and say CP is the best. :chestram:

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CP is the man. MVP BABY!!!! If there was a draft with all the RB's from the NFC East (not Beast) I just hate that word this year) in it, here's how I would make my draft.

1. Bradon Jacobs = It's a shame the Jints won't give this dude 30 carries a game. He's a freakin BULLDOZER WITH GREAT SPEED.

2. CP = MVP Nuff said. Oh' and we raped denver on this trade.

3. Felix Jones = Bad coaches

4. B. Westbrook = 2 to 3 missed games a year. Other than that, he's great.

5. MB = No 2nd half ENERGY.

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