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I drew something, what do you think


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It's a pretty cool design.

For some reason it reminds me of a pattern I'd see at a Chinese restaurant.

uhm cuz its red?????

racist always associating chinese people with red.

no but seriously is it design or is it art? whats the difference? (philosophical question)

btw if its a design then i'd argue that the part that's like 3 (phalanges sp?) isn't balanced properly. if its art then more power to you ;)

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well there is no way in hell I could ever draw something like that. pretty dam cool, you must be a very creative person.

feed it, never know where it might take you

x2. youll never know if you have something here if you dont try. its amazing what people will buy and eat up, just look at andy warhol. i cant stand anything he did but people LOVE his work.

and good luck!! :cheers:

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That wasn't drool, that was sweat from the heat generated in the room by you & Reic blowing your... air mattress. Sorry for staring, was like a train wreck ya know. :silly:;)

a train wreck that kept you from pulling your hands out of your pants. dont front man, I heard you telling HH "man I never wanted to be an air mattress so badly". You made MIA uncomfortable even!! :silly:

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