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The "I Was Wrong" Thread


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Michael Westbrook we be the second coming of art monk just faster. But he did play with some crappy QB's lol

In 1996 after the 7-1 start, we were going to the SB finished 9-7

In 2006 we were going to SB

In 2005 that switching to MB after Ramsey was clothlined WWE style was a mistake

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Probably too many to count :D so I'll list some random ones that come to mind.

I had the Giants going 6-10 in 2007.

I think I said Clinton Portis had a shot at 2000 yards and a ton of receiving yards after we hired Al Saunders in 06.

I didn't know why Rock Cartwright was being used as our kick returner (still think we can upgrade but he's done a hell of alot better than I thought he would)

I thought Skip Hicks was going to be our runner in 99 and not Stephen Davis.

There are so many players that I thought were going to be good but turned out not to be but I'll single out one that, looking back, is quite embarrassing.

I thought in 1992 that Desmond Howard was going to be so good and so dynamic a player that he was going to provide the Redskins with enough big plays to offset the deterioration/loss of both Art Monk and Gary Clark (both of whom were getting older so I thought this new young player could compensate for both great receivers declining skills). I can still vividly remember saying this to some friends and I'm relunctant to own up to this but here it goes. I said "Desmond is going to be our Jerry Rice. A player who is a threat to go all the way anywhere on the field and with any type of route". Boy was I wrong. Horribly horribly horribly wrong.

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